David Strandengen

David Strandengen


r&b, fusion jazz, progressive metal, rock and pop inspirated music, MusicConsulter and Adviser, Arranger/Composer, Songwriter.


David Started his carrier playing the b- clarinet at school, where he learned mostly jazz and classic music. From there he got inspirated by the trumpet and the sax.

At the age of 8 he started playing the organ and took lessons from Jerusalem's band member Reidar Paulsen.

From the age of 12 he started skateboarding and listened to alot og punk/rock. At the age of 17 he got his first electric guiar a "guitar workshop" and started a band called Bassless. Bassless was for three years.

From age 18 to around 24 he basicly played gigs and jams at clubs, and sang in a choir learning backvokal ++ . Playing and making a crossover progressive metal/ fusion jazz , and also pop, blues, rock songs.
At the same time he was studying Music at Foss v.g.s. and NMU in Oslo, Norway.

from age 22 he started he's own demostudio from home. The main income came from making demoes for people at karaoke places and bands/artists met at clubs. He had written about a 100 songs with arangement for himself. Some punk, rock, pop, r&b, jazz, progressive metal, heavy, soul.

David has just started a rockband to play hardrock/funk music, and is working on an album.