David Strattford

David Strattford

 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

David Strattford is a 20-year music industry veteran - composer / songwriter, singer / musician, arranger / music software & computer wizard, audio engineer / record producer.


David’s audio / video / music production skills are considered by many to be among the best in the world.

Musician: A musician since age 8. Plays guitar, bass, and keyboards. Wrote first musical score for television at age 18 - more than 3,000 pieces of music since.

Audio Engineer: Graduated from Jonathan Sound’s “Advanced Audio Engineering” class in 1979. As an audio recording studio owner / engineer, worked on hundreds of projects for recording artists, TV, radio, video and film.

Music Producer: Produced acts from the US, Canada, England, Japan and Hong Kong.

MIDI Programmer: MIDI programmer since 1983. Programmed more than 10,000 pieces of music since.

Video Producer: Studied video production through the Calgary Board of Education and at Avicom, Calgary (Panasonic's Industrial Video Distributor). Shot music videos for Cindy Warren and The Ink Spots.

Computers: I have used computers since 1983 - Commodore 64, Yamaha MSX, ATARI, Macintosh, and PC. I currently use PCs and own / use more than 200 programs.

Software Trainer: Started 'Music Software Hawaii'. Our slogan was “We Teach What We Sell.” Taught musicians how to use all the latest and greatest music and audio production software.

Management: I have been a CEO, Director, Chairman, and President and have managed many people, projects, and companies.

Public Relations Specialist: I have a Bachelor of Business Administration in Public Relations and more than 10 years corporate, private and government experience.

Photographer: Studied at the New York Institute of Photography and shot covers for Ventures and Travel Leisure magazines.

Graphic Designer: Learned graphics, layout, and design while working in family silk-screen business. Since leaving the family business, I have done newsletters, brochures, flyers, business cards, presentations and more for clients in five countries.

Web Page Programmer: Programmed more than 100 web pages for companies, government, non-profit organizations, and individuals.

Writer: Published author of eight music instruction books.

A New Project:
August 1st 2008 David opened TRAX CD / DVD Duplication in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Specializing in the highest quality CD and DVD duplicating and packaging, at a reasonable price.

We use only the best quality Taiyo Yuden Discs and the machines will print on the discs from 300 dots per inch to 4800 dots per inch so the print quality is awesome.

At the centre of the production facility are new, fully ROBOTIC CD and DVD Publishers that both print and duplicate discs automatically. We load in blank discs, pick the project we want to duplicate, and walk away. The system automatically prints, copies and checks each disc for errors.

You can order 1 – 10,000 discs, there is no minimum order, and you can pickup your finished product in as little as 4 hours for a 100 CDR duplication job, even if you need full retail-ready color printing and packaging.

April 1983 to Present

Position: CEO / Producer
TRAX Music Publishing and Recording (1983) Inc. is a group of music production, public relations and advertising companies servicing the entertainment industry.

Additional Positions I Held While At TRAX / Randall-Hill

• International Laser Disc Conference - Position: Chairman - Public Relations
• The 1988 Winter Olympics / CTV Television - Position: Audio Engineer

• Hawaii Songwriter's Association - Position: President
• Reel Network - Position: Public Relations
• CMAC (Country Music Association of Calgary) - Position: Public Relations
• Canadian Songwriting Contest - Position: Director
• World Wide Songwriting Contest - Position: Director

Education and Training

Public Relations Degree: SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) and Canterbury University (3.33 GPA)

Photography: New York Institute of Photography

Television Production: Calgary Board of Education and Avicom Calgary

Computers: Calgary Board of Education

Audio Engineering: Jonathan Sound

Informal Education: Courses in Microsoft Office 2003/XP, Windows 2000/XP, HTML Programming, FrontPage 2003, and many more.

Membership: Hawaii Songwriter's Association - President, Reel Network - Public Relations, CMAC (Country Music Association of Calgary) - Public Relations, Canadian And World Wide Songwriting Contests - Director, A.F. of M. (Calgary Musician's Union) - Member, CIRPA (Canadian Independent Record Producers Association) - Member, TRACS (Toronto Recording Association of Commercial Studios) - Member, LASS - Member, ITVA - Member, SGA – Member, SongLink - Member.

Additional Information: Nominated for the Sir Frederick Haultain Prize in 1984 for contributions to the Canadian Music Industry. Won 2002 Meditation Album of the year in the Hawaii Music Awards. Wrote theme for Travel Leisure television show. Nominated 2007 Classical Album of the year in the Hawaii Music Awards.


- TRAX – Colors – New Folk Singers - David Strattford, Robin Henry, Joanne Gyorffy - 1967
- TRAX - When You Need A Friend – David Strattford - New Folk Singers - David Strattford, Robin Henry, Joanne Gyorffy - 1967
- TRAX – Whymsical – David Strattford, Robin Henry, Tim Henry, Joe Shelley – Travel leisure TV Theme - 1968

Record Albums
- TRAX – Harmony – David Strattford & Rick Corbet - 1976

Singles (CD)
- Lawaiian – TRAX - David Strattford - 2004 Won an Honour Award in the 2005 Great American Songwriting Contest

- Funktropolis – 4 Song EP – TRAX - 2004

Music CDs
- Musical Shorts - 99 Cuts – TRAX – Instrumental Library Music DVD – David Strattford (2008) - Won A GrIndie Award May 2009.
- TRAX – by David Strattford – Romantic Classics on Piano - Classical CD of the Year - 2007
- David Strattford & Friends – TRAX – (2005)

Meditation and New Age Releases
- RelaxTRAX – by David Strattford – Migraine Relief (2002)
- RelaxTRAX – by David Strattford – Insomnia Relief (2002)
- RelaxTRAX – by David Strattford – Chronic Pain Relief (2002)
- RelaxTRAX – by David Strattford – Ocean (2002) - Meditation CD of The Year 2002
- RelaxTRAX – by David Strattford – Ocean / New Age Piano (2002)
- RelaxTRAX – by David Strattford – Ocean / Classical Piano (2002)
- RelaxTRAX – by David Strattford – Stream / New Age Piano (2002)
- RelaxTRAX – by David Strattford – Power Nap

- David Strattford’s Christmas Series – TRAX – (1992 to 2006)
- David Strattford’s Christmas Guitar – TRAX – (2007)
- TRAX Records – Mele Kalikimaka (2003)

For Television:
- Whymsical – 1968 – 1st score for TV – Travel Leisure TV Show Theme
- Multiple Pieces for Liquid Hawaii TV Show – 2003
- Hundreds of Radio & TV Ads (1983 to Present)
- Dozens of Industrial Video Sound Tracks – (1983 to Present

Music Videos
- Cindy Warren
- The Ink Spots

Advertising Clients
- Calgary Herald
- Petro Canada
- Shell
- Grama Lees
- The Calgary Stampede
- The Parker Group
- CFAC Radio
- MacDonalds
- Taco Time
- McKim Advertising
- Calgary Chevy dealers
- Ogilvy & Mather Advertising
- The Country Music Association
- Francis, Williams and Johnson Advertising
- Molsons
- The Westin
- Calaway Park
- Palmer Jarvis Advertising
- Trans Alta Utilities
- Husky Oil
- Dome Advertising
- Cooper Hayes Advertising
- Hayhurst communications
- Baker Lovick Advertising
- . . . and many more

Produced and/or Engineered and/or Arranged Projects For . . .
- Dee Hodge
- Bob McFarlane
- Ken Shoults
- The Ink Spots
- Pico Payne
- James Dykes
- Ken Chabra
- Kathryn Rushent
- Carey Parder
- Bruce Mowat
- Harmony
- Dennis Ah Yek
- Rachel Victoria
- John Toalson
- Ralph Johnson
- Mel Smith
- Ken Shoults
- Lani Sill
- Bruce Leitl
- Harvey Moeai
- Joyce Kelly and Gordon Shoults
- Standing Room Only
- Rick Reb’ll
- Pamela Morasch
- Stan Rubens
- Kalehua (Stuart) Featheran
- Miles Matulionis
- Helmar Basedow
- Harriet Schock
- Miles Jackson
- Tommy Mckillip
- Brent Saklofske
- Richard Harrow
- Stratus
- Susan Kuelken
- Stan Foster
- Connie White
- Demetrio Navarro
- Jerry Proppe
- Bob Lively
- Moreno Pagliero
- Ted Alexander
- Hal Redekop
- Scott Fooks
- KC Foore
- Alton Waiamau
- Cat (Cathy) Waiamau
- Yoshi