David Thomas

David Thomas

 Delray Beach, Florida, USA
BandEDMNew Age

Dave Thomas is an electronic master. He is a composer with over 350 pieces of music in his catalog , including Jazz, Pop, Neo-Classical, Electronic Techno-Rock, Trance, Dance.


Dave Thomas is artistry in motion, an electronic master. Synthetic Soundscapes are uniquely created and programmed by a bank of Classic Synths, Digital Samplers and other devices. With a remarkable and intriguing style, creating a tapestry of musical sounds, colors and textures, Emerson Steinway stands alone. Distinctive. Innovative. A true blending of the past, present and future.


Cry Freedom

Written By: David Thomas (Emerson Steinway)



Dennon; Dancbotica 1 & 2 and Voices from the Hood . NeoBite; Hyperdrone and Mind Focker . David Stonebridge; Somewhere in Time .Emerson Steinway; Music for the Gods Part-1 of the Trilogy, Currently in the studio producing Part 2 & 3 . Code-5; Live at Pepe's Rock Palace Volume-1, Volume-2 is in compleation.
Short Films and Music Videos; Cry Freedom, The Buzz