David Turpin

David Turpin

 Dublin, Leinster, IRL

Live, David Turpin works with a cast of musicians to bring the eerie, electronic torch songs of his debut album to life. His live performances have drawn attention for their haunting pop melodies as well as Turpin's own unique performance style.


David Turpin’s dark, tender electro-torch songs are unlike anything in contemporary Irish music. His album The Sweet Used-To-Be, released April 4 thru’ Kabinet Records, has drawn high praise from all sections of the Irish music press.

Drawing inspiration equally from the shimmer of processed pop and the experimentalism of the avant garde, Turpin produces music that has prompted comparisons ranging from Pet Shop Boys to the Velvet Underground, while remaining uniquely his own. Turpin’s refined arrangements – filled with swooning synths, pulsing 808/909 beats and sweet-voiced backing singers – envelop lyrics possessed of a rare emotional rawness, tender melodies blending with a melancholy undertow to convey a highly personal, romantic vision.

Turpin is also an accomplished visual artist. His visual sense is carried through to his coolly theatrical live performances, in which he appears at the centre of a five-piece band.


David Turpin's debut album "The Sweet Used-To-Be" was released on April 4, 2008. Tracks from the album have received airplay on a range of national and regional radio stations, and have been extensively playlisted on Web-based streams.

Set List

Typically, David Turpin and his band perform sets of 6 to 9 songs, lasting between 25 and 40 minutes, depending on the requirements of the show. Songs performed at the shows are: White Lemonade; Dancing on my Grave; Pony Tears; Patience; The Bone Dance; Heartbeep; The Red Elk; Nightlights; and Nobody Knows.