David T. Wright

David T. Wright

 Mobile, Alabama, USA

David's performances are not merely shows, but are his way of speaking to the audience from the heart about his experiences, journey, and how God can do for others in their life what He has done for him.


David was born & raised in Mobile, AL. His first experience singing in church began at the age of 10 when he began leading the congregation of St. Pius X at Mass. After playing in secular bands along the Gulf Coast for over 20 years, years of doing the wrong things, after a Major Heart Attack, and a Head-On Collision David finally found Jesus, and decided to try and help others with the gift of music God has given him. He has devoted all of his musical energies and talent to spreading God's Word, and helping the lost. His music is heartfelt and drawn from life's experiences.

I am so fortunate in that even after the way I lived my life for 20+ years, and the way I treated others, that HE did not take anything away from me. There are so many people that are lost in this world, and have no hope. I hope to share these songs with many so that it may show them that there is always hope. I know that each "ONE SOUL" counts, but I am driven to be able to have the opportunity to minister to as many as possible, and if it is HIS will that is what I am going to do.

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."(Psalm 37:4)

Peace & God Bless, David


Heaven's Winds

Written By: David T. Wright

Her life never seemed to take the turns of others that she knew,

It seemed as though the troubles in life had grown, What could she do?

Was she destined for a life alone with no one there just to hold her?

Then heaven's winds came down and picked her up

Yeah She found Jesus in those winds, The stronger they blew the closer they grew as friends,

She found Jesus from within her storm the day the winds blew down,

And heavens winds they swept her off the ground

He lived his life from within the bottle, Never looking out,

He was so closed in to the life he knew it hurt so bad he'd shout,

No one ever heard a word he said he knew that this was how he'd die,

Till heavens winds came down and made him fly

Yeah He found Jesus in those winds, The stronger they blew the closer they became as friends,

He found Jesus from within his storm the day the winds blew down,

And heavens winds they lifted him off the ground

When heavens winds flow through the air. You'll feel a presence, He is there,

It's not the same old feelings you have known,

And You may shudder and you may shake, His spirit in you will awake,

He’ll take you higher than you’ve ever flown-----



In the process of recording first Fully Produced EP

Set List

Sets can vary depending on time allowed, and or the function.

Normally I will do a 1 to 1-1/2 hour show with 20-25 songs.

If I do covers it is by request, and they are usually of the Contemporary Christian Genre.