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David Vella Music



David Vella has a soulful mix of Blues, Americana, Rock, and modern folk.

Originally roots from Chicago, IL but now calls Austin Texas his home. David captures listening ears with his powerful and soulful voice.

David Vella released his first solo album, appropriately titled, “Sorry.” The album was recorded at Olive Branch Studios and was released in 2009 and re-released in 2012.

In 2012, David auditioned for the television show “The Voice” and made it through the first round, top 90 out of over 5000 who auditioned in Dallas Texas.

In 2013, David released his second solo album titled, "Beautiful Miles." This album is a mixture of Americana, Instrumental, and Rock.

David has appeared on FOX7 News, BalconyTV, and made it into the Top 100 artists in the Eric Clapton Crossroads tour contest.

David Vella can be seen regularly performing the live scene circuit in and around Austin.


Sorry, 2012
Beautiful Miles, 2013