David Vogel Band

David Vogel Band


I am a Christian recording artist and my music is very reflective of Good Faith and surrounding issues in life. from Rock to Folk, Contemporary to Country, Blues to Classical,I try to reach all with a positive message.


My Music is reflective of my Faith and includes many of the surrounding issues in life.
I have been Blessed to have a great bunch of guys backing me up in the Band, I also do most of my concerts and touring as a soloist.
My recordings have received many Awards and I've been asked to perform at Concerts as large as 500,000+ people, including World Youth Day three times in the past 6 years, appeared on Family land TV and EWTN and have been on CNN. MSNBC, ABC, NBC. FOX. also receiving airplay on radio and internet radio around the World. I am still an unsigned Artist. Without a record label.


Latest CD/LP is titled "Calling Us Home ll"
and includes a live recording from World Youth Day in Canada, where an estimated 800,000 attended. It is also video enhanced with a documentary of Expectant Mother Care Centers and video from singing at the March for Life

Set List

The typical set list consist of original songs that is about 45 min. too an hour or longer.
1- Cry of the Child
2- I'll meet you there
3 - As for me
4 - Forever and a day
5 - Reflection of His love
6 - Within
7 - Calling us home
8 - My sunshine
9 - Returning home
10 - Glory in the Lord
11 - You make me strong
12 - Frozen life
13 - Eyes of the heart
14 - Still holding on