a smoky bar, a morning campfire, a gypsytonk caravan mixed with perception, humor and richly textured stories. Is is country or rock? Alternative or Americana? Maybe all of the above. Maybe none. But whatever it is... I'll have some.


Born in Mount Vernon, Ohio in 1970, David Wagner was raised one hour away in a small town named Marion. It is here that his early musical tastes were formed, with a mother listening to Paul Simon, Bob Dylan and Dean Martin and an older brother showing him the other side of the coin within such artists as Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin. But it was a manager of a shoe store where David worked at the age of 18 that changed his life forever. It was this retail manager who introduced a young Mr. Wagner to Frank Zappa, and from that moment on, all rules were meant to be broken. At the age of twenty, David moved to Florida where his musical experimentation continued to evolve as he dove into obscure musicians and albums from the twenties, forties, fifties, sixties and seventies. At twenty-four, David left the east coast and began traveling out west, living in a van for seven years as he trapsed the west, writing over forty songs, five books of poetry (which he self-published to much underground success) and one novel, 'The Life and Partially Coherent Times of Linus Cain'.
The past decade has found David Wagner living in California, where he recently finished a BA in philosophy. Now, he frequents the Bay area both as a solo artist/novelist/film maker, and as the leader of a tight knit group of amazing musicians who have come together under the name of Duchamp's Cowboys. Blending folk/country/rock with the heavy tribal and middle eastern music that is dominating the Bay area these days, David has found the gypsytonk sound that has haunted his music since his early pieces, and that continues to influence and shape his sound as he matures as an artist (check out the first part of the epic 8 minute 'Hickory Jack').
Whether he is playing a straightforward (or at least as straightforward as he can get with such a tongue-in-cheak- approach) waltz, or a dirty little blues/rock number, or singing a eastern-tinged ballad of cowboys, whiskey or any far-stretching road, David Wagner and Duchamp's Cowboys are names on the rise, and will be rambling your way soon.


The Ballad of Hickory Jack

Written By: David Wagner

He rode into Colorado, he’d been five weeks on the trail
Running whores in Reno, dealing cards and raising hell.
He’d always been a moral man, he’d rather rob than steal,
He won his horse in a game of poker in a hand that he did deal.

He loved a girl in Dallas, her name was Mississippi Sue
He got her drunk on whiskey and she did what bad girls do.
He knew one day they’d marry, it was written in the stars,
So he always left her silver and paid her tab down at the bar.

He spent the night in Denver at the Crazy Owl Saloon
He got a shave and changed his shirt to go howl at he moon.
He found a game of poker and into it he did slide
With an ace of club tucked in his sleeve and a pistol by his side.

Things were going fine until he tried his trusty ace
And got caught by a skinny man with a scar across his face.
The man stood up, threw down his cards and said, “What’s your name, you cur?”
He said, “My name is Hickory Jack, but you can call me sir.”

The man he stared and drew his gun and pointed at the cards
Said, “We don’t deal well with cheaters here in this dear town of ours.”
Hickory Jack stood and placed his hand on the weapon at his side,
Said, “Let’s settle this like men do and follow me outside.”

Now, Hickory Jack weren’t afraid to let his pistol speak for him,
He shot a man in Fresno one night messed up on gin
And another man in Houston, it was the only thing to do,
And he killed a man in Dallas when he insulted Sue.

Now the two men they just growled and glared as they walked out of the bar
The mountain moon was high and full and it glistened off the scar.
Hickory Jack drew his gun, but the other man drew first
He saw the scar-faced man smile and the blood spread on his shirt.

Hickory Jack lie in the dirt as the people gathered ‘round
He saw them talking back and forth, but he couldn’t hear a sound
All he heard was Sue’s soft voice whispering in his ear
She said, “Just make it back to Dallas, baby, I’ll be waiting for you here.”

Hickory Jack died that night at the age of twenty-two
He loved to drink and cheat and fight and a prostitute named Sue
He knew one day they’d marry, it was written in the stars
But he traded love for money in a lousy game of cards
Oh, he traded love for money in a lousy game of cards.


EP- Campfire Songs For a New Millenium; a five song journey recorded in 2007.

Set List

Certain Things, The Ballad of Hickory Jack, The Hangin' Song, The Beautiful People, Digging Up Diamonds, The Information Generation Blues, The Gone Too Far To Ever Get Back Down Now Blues, The Monkey Chicken Dance, The Reality Blues, Monkey in the Trunk, The Mexico Song, Do The Old Folks Still Play Drinking Songs, and up to thirty other original compositions.

Cover songs include a variety of classics by Hank Williams, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Townes Van Zandt and others (from Lefty Frizzel to Lou Reed)