David Ward Loose Change Trio

David Ward Loose Change Trio


David Ward Loose Change Trio is a swirling torrent of emotionally charged music rooted in soul and drawing heavily upon the blues, funk, rock, and folk. Inspired by many different artists and cultures, David Ward Loose Change Trio is continually evolving all the while maintaining deep roots in soul.


Forming in September of 2005, the trio has already undergone two different incarnations. Debuting with David Ward on vocals and guitar, Tayo Branston on drums, congas and percussion and Neil Towers on bass (the latter two members from Vancouvers 12-piece afro-beat funk sensation Five Alarm Funk) the trio first toured under the name The David Ward Trio and were well received in venues across Vancouver and Victoria, BC. It wasnt long before touring schedules between the two bands began to conflict and Tayo and Neil were forced to resign. In the meantime, David was to record his debut solo album featuring Greg Bevis on drums: a long-time friend that played in Davids previous band Vaucroft. After finishing his third quarter at the L.A. Music Academy in Pasadena, Greg returned to Vancouver to take the place of Tayo Branston on drums. Following two weeks of intense rehersal, David recruited Jason Smith who had recently split with his band of hip hop/funk fusion, Chinchilla, to play bass for them. The newly formed three changed their name to David Ward Loose Change Trio and launched their new sound by touring B.C.s music festivals in the summer of 2006. On the heels of David Wards debut solo album the trio is taking their raw energy and sound to the stage with a live show that blends stage theatrics, audience participation and musical jams creating an event that is not to be missed.



Written By: David Ward

Bold, bright and beautiful—6 feet tall/she’s got long slender stems/irresistible/keeps her bell turned down, her eyes to the ground, making not a sound/when she should be singing her song to the world/chorus—She’s my foxglove (repeat)/she be swinging in step to the record that plays around and around in her head/don’t take her needle off, encourage her to play out loud instead/i want to hear your song playing out loud my way/She’s my snap-dragon, crackle-popping, fairy-fingered bomb/she’s got a fire to dry up all 7 seas, I doubt it will be long…before her flame catches on running down the world wire/stand back from the heat as she sets it all on fire/now c’mon Foxglove/Chorus/She’s dancing to the beat of her own drum baby/she’s once, twice, three times a lady/she’s dressing up for sun as the days get colder/she’s marching out of step with the city’s soldiers/C’mon/play your song out loud/i said baby c’mon/play your song out loud/Foxglove/She’s my foxglove (repeat)


Never Meant To Know - 2005

Set List

DW Loose Change Trio typically plays a 45 min to hour long set, or two 45 minute sets, flexable. Sets are original material with a few blues and funk covers thrown in the mix.