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David Ward Loose Change Trio

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The best kept secret in music


"UBC Grounder Magazine"

Greg Bevis, drummer for the The David Ward Loose Change Trio admits that he knows the limitations of not limiting yourself. “People are scared to listen to listen to things they’ve never heard before, and if they can’t categorize it in a genre right away, the sort of write it off as too weird.” It’s a good point, and relevant when describing his band. They seem to defy any given genre, shifting back and forth between styles and classifications. It’s not an easy feat, given the tendency to create endless subgenres to encompass every band possible. But why try to confine them? “I’m afraid we’re going to alienate someone by not citing a genre we’re in,” David Ward, the lead singer and guitarist, states. “Once people listen, though, they pick up on you’re sincerity, even if they think it’s weird,” Bevis chimes in.
We’re sitting in the Café Dall’Acqua, a small coffeeshop next door to the well-known King’s Head pub. It’s a small venue, but the atmosphere is fitting; the distance to the audience is brought to almost nothing, and the whole affair takes on the feel of a public jam session – relaxed and informal, and always about the music. Ward and his bandmates recently secured a weekly gig at the Café, and it help to offset their other performances. The Café sessions are different in many ways: the drummer sticks exclusively to bongo drums, they have a stand-in bass player replacing their normal bassist, Jason Smith, and have recruited a violin player to supplement their already unique sound.
Their music is a mosaic of styles and influences, ranging from folk and country to jazz, blues and funk. Ward plays both acoustic and electric guitar, and the bass player switched between electric and upright bass to match Ward throughout the show. Vocally, Ward is like a cross between Jason Mraz without the forced whimsy and Damien Rice without the tortured soul. He isn’t held to one style, though; three years of classical vocal training add depth to his vocal range, and much like the music, Ward is able to take many influences and blend them into something new and unique.
Ward, who majored in theatre in UVic, exudes a quiet charisma and attitude that reflects his time on the stage. In between sets, he chatted easily with the café’s patrons, introducing himself and breaking the barrier most people assume exists between performer and audience. Being entirely self-produced, Ward understands the importance of self promotion, and word of mouth. “Friends are huge promoters,” he says with a laugh. The Trio play at least six shows a month, between full sets and their café shows, and never stop working towards getting their name out. Between the shows, their recently set up website (www.davidwardmusic.com) and the band’s myspace page (www.myspace.com/thedavidwardtrio), the endless self promotion seems to pay off. Bevis says that the advent of online self promotion such as Myspace has helped spread new music faster to more people, as well as break the barrier between artist and listener, allowing for more communication and closer relations with fans.
The David Ward Trio first formed in December 2005, and has already undergone one lineup change. Though the band is relatively new, the members are all accomplished musicians. Ward has been playing guitar since he was thirteen, switching between private lessons and self-teaching. Bevis has been taking lessons or schooling for the entirety of his music experience.
As for plans for the future, The David Ward trio is focused on their music. Ward says that they hope to get a promoter by next year as well as record a new album, but apart from that, they intend to keep playing shows and introducing new people to their unique brand of music.
John Brennan
- John Brennan - Nov. 06

"Kamloops This Week"

First up is the David Ward Trio.
Ward started playing guitar when he was 13, and after being told by his music instructor to come back the next day with a song, he says; "From there, I've just become a fairly prolific songwriter."
He feels the guitar offered him an emotional outlet throughout his high-school years.
"It's something you can always go to when you are feeling down."
He also took classical opera for voice training at a conservatory in Victoria.
This funk-blues trio hails from the Coast, and 23-year-old front man Ward says the group is constantly evolving its eclectic sound.
"The music will always be based in soul and it will take on a lot of different forms."
The three have been together for more than a year and went through a couple of incarnations before settling into what it is now.
"I was being helped out by other musicians before, " says Ward, "but now I finally got my solid little three-piece set."
Ward says some of the group's influences range from Jeff Buckley, John Scofield and Ray Charles to the Dave Matthews Band and Peter Gabriel. He says he is starting to get into world music at the moment and that some of that genre's influence is making its way into the band's present sound.
The trio is made up of Ward on vocals and guitar, Sam Shoichet on bass and Greg Bevis on percussion.
The three met while in a band together during their university years called Vaucroft, which they named after a small island on the Sunshine Coast.
After graduating university, Bevis left for Los Angeles to attend The Music Academy and study drumming, and the two promised to get back together in a year to re-form a group.
In the meantime, Ward put out a solo CD in December, 2005 titled Never Meant to Know.
This year the trio is touring throughout British Columbia, hitting as many local summer music and arts festivals as possible.
With plans to further educate themselves with music while they hone their skills, the trio is putting together a long-term plan which they hope will see them playing together for a long time to come.
Between school and a gig to play a restaurant in Vancouver, Ward is doing his best to make his dreams a reality.
"I mean, this is my life. Obviously one day we would like to be touring the world and be successful in every venue that we are booked for.
Ward knows nothing worth achieving ever comes easy.
"The steps to [gaining recognition] are so many. A lot of it is about contacts and being seen, so we just have to meet the right people at the right time and it will happen for us.
"We're are working extremely hard for it right now."
For more information on Ward and the music he plays, visit www.myspace.com/thedavidwardtrio.
- By Rafe Arnott

"Garage Entertainment"

"David Ward Trio plays an interesting meld of rock and motown esque soul. Unique stage presense and uptempo groovin' songs to keep you moving." - Kev @ garageent.com
- By Kev @ GE

"The Province Newspaper"

"Victoria's David Ward is an exceptional, eclectic singer/songwriter who defies easy characterization. Jazz, Blues, Folk, R&B - He employs them all and more, in a constantly changing and ever compelling set. Zappa would have loved this." - John Mclaughlin - Sep. 06

"David Ward Loose Change Trio at the Backstage Lounge"

Many talented artists stay strong to there essence and can use their various skills to entertain and to perform. David Ward and his Loose Change Trio are perfect examples of how musicians are not just there to play music, but to entertain as well.

Formed in 2005, this three-piece band has delighted audiences from local cafes to summer festivals. David Ward, the lead vocalist, guitarist, and all-around great man (Sorry I had to slip that in; He was really nice when I met him), is a pleasure to watch on stage. He is influenced by such artists as Jeff Buckley, Ray Charles, and the Barenaked Ladies, to name a few, which can attribute to his wide musical range. But not only is he a talented musician, his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts background shines through on stage and shows he is a natural performer when he plays with the crowd.

The Loose Change comprise of two equally talented individuals in Greg Bevis and Jason Smith. Greg, the percussion expert, attended the L.A. Music Academy in Pasadena for a year to perfect his skills as a jazz drummer, while Jason, the very talented bass player, was part of the hip-hop/funk fusion band called “Chinchilla.”

My first impression of the band was of awe. This was hours before their set when I first arrived at the Backstage Lounge and I had only heard their music online, and I was introduced to David and Greg. I am not a tall man, far from it, but I would also say that I am not that short. Standing next to these two find gentlemen made me look extremely small. But that’s neither here nor there, so on to the music!

The night began with an impressive vocal performance from David covering a tune from Nina Simone, also known as the High Priestess of Soul. I was really impressed by the range of his voice as well as the emotion he radiated when he sang each one of his songs. The Loose Change Trio combines into a form of jazz/funk/folk music that is not only pleasant to the ears, but also to the eyes. The stage presence of the band is filled with humor and energy, which was shown through the intermission of their set. During this little break, Greg put on some house music while David was rolling around an imaginary ball that rave junkies would know all about. This magical ball was passed from person to person, but this did not last as it was dropped fairly early and the house music stopped. Aside from this interlude and a drunken fan that I will not speak of, the night was an all around success filled with in David’s words, “myspace friends.”

For more information regarding the David Ward Loose Change Trio, including bios, music samples, and concert details, feel free to check out their myspace (DAVIDWARDTRIO) as well as their official website (DAVIDWARDMUSIC).

- Ron Cheng - ronatron.net


Never Meant To Know - 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


Forming in September of 2005, the trio has already undergone two different incarnations. Debuting with David Ward on vocals and guitar, Tayo Branston on drums, congas and percussion and Neil Towers on bass (the latter two members from Vancouvers 12-piece afro-beat funk sensation Five Alarm Funk) the trio first toured under the name The David Ward Trio and were well received in venues across Vancouver and Victoria, BC. It wasnt long before touring schedules between the two bands began to conflict and Tayo and Neil were forced to resign. In the meantime, David was to record his debut solo album featuring Greg Bevis on drums: a long-time friend that played in Davids previous band Vaucroft. After finishing his third quarter at the L.A. Music Academy in Pasadena, Greg returned to Vancouver to take the place of Tayo Branston on drums. Following two weeks of intense rehersal, David recruited Jason Smith who had recently split with his band of hip hop/funk fusion, Chinchilla, to play bass for them. The newly formed three changed their name to David Ward Loose Change Trio and launched their new sound by touring B.C.s music festivals in the summer of 2006. On the heels of David Wards debut solo album the trio is taking their raw energy and sound to the stage with a live show that blends stage theatrics, audience participation and musical jams creating an event that is not to be missed.