david wayne

david wayne


I was piano baring one night, going back and forth on the guitar, and after a couple of sets this one guy told me the my music sounded like Manilow on a bar stool! I took it as a compliment. after all I was raised country but folks melt to a good tune on the keys too!


Yea , a cross between Jimmy Buffet/ Croce- and Manilow best describes what falls off my pen, it just depends what instrument Im playing at the time an idea hits. Dad played, showed me a few chords and the rest is history as for as my favorite instrument. After getting a Croce album for Christmas(age16) I made it a point to learn every lick he ever plucked. With a piano in the house it was inevitable that I was going to play around with it. I started imitating everything from Styx to Ronnie Milsap. I spent hours tickling those Micky Gilly/ Floyd Cramer styles. The bass came natural and I started collecting keyboards with cool sounds because I sure didnt know any horn players or string men. And you need all that for those " silly love songs". Personaly I knew it was bands like America, Bread, Eagles; the acoustic/vocal groups of the 70s that I lit on and stuck with. But with out a doubt my biggest influence has always been Paul McCartney, he's the master!I'd do my harmonies and backups as if he were sitting right there telling me how to chart them.At 18 I was intriduced to a Tascam 4 trac and Seargent Pepper where I simply went nuts. Tracking and mixing is an art, a privilege slash playhouse given by God Himself as far as Im concerned. After college I was doing session work on what ever instrument was needed but my focus was always on the meat of the industry and how it ticked. This venture is because I took the advice of some friends that I should start putting out some of my own stuff, so, here we are. I hope you enjoy it half as much as I loved putting it all together.


other than the songs offered for listening on my web site( davidwaynekeys.com) this is our first go round with flying CDs over the net. But I'm havin' a ball in the process. Nothin but a little luck and alot of faith!

Set List

Do you remember "Chevy Van," or " Brandy" by 'Looking Glass" - "Woman" by Gary Pucket, the one hit wonders back then? With an old band I was in, we played these tunes simply because you didnt here them but maybe once in 8 months and you never saw any other bands around town attempt them. A fella told me one night that it was "breath of fresh air " music, they'd stop in thier tracks to listen to some of those old musical memories. I'd always like to think that it took us back to a little simpler time, made ya feel good.