David Williams

David Williams

 Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Daytrotter's Featured Video "Sunday Morning" live from Huichica Music Festival!


David Williams is an American musician, songwriter, film composer, singer, improviser, actor, traveler, desert dweller. Born in Miami Fla., and currently living in Utah, David has contributed to more than 20 albums and recorded 4 LPs and 5 EPs of his own. He's shared stages with some of the most widely known artists today. A regular guest on SLC's KRCL as well as many college radio stations along his tour route, his songs have also appeared on NPR. David's live performance is explosive. Many who've seen him consider his dynamic musicianship unequaled in it's originality. Haunting, raw, transcendent and strangely beautiful.

"Intro" is a new film starring David Williams which features his stripped bare songs and unusual lifestyle. The film opened 11/26/11 for audiences at the Torino Film Festival in Italy and was nominated alongside Scorcese and Herzog for Best International Documentary.


The Catch-2012 (EP)
Intro-2012 (Feature Film)
Western Interior Seaway-2009 (LP)
Wyoming-2009 (EP)
Albuquerque-Black Hens-2009 (EP)
Summer-2008 (LP)
Temptation of St. Anthony-2008 (single)
Bones-Black Wagon- 2007 (LP)
Sunlight-2007 (EP)
Game-2006 (EP)
Ask Your Money-2003 (single featured on NPR)

Set List

Island to Island
Volcanos and Mirrors
Devil and the Dove
Lovers and Knives
Cretaceous Sea
Circus and the Sky
North Pacific
Sargasso Sea
Sunday Morning
How to Win a Gunfight
I'm Only Happy
Lightning Queen