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David Wilner

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David Wilner is a pianist-singer-songwriter who combines modern rock, jazz, and funk. Five For Fighting crossed with Jamiroquai, or Norah Jones crossed with Coldplay.


Chicago native David Wilner writes and performs original pop/rock songs, combining his powerful solo vocals, uniquely expressive keyboard skills, and thought-provoking lyrics.

David has performed over 1000 shows at college venues across the nation as the lead singer and primary songwriter of the pop band Blind Man's Bluff. In 2002, David's band was nominated as "College Music Artist of the Year" by the National Association for Campus Activities. His independently produced albums have sold over 20,000 copies worldwide.

In November 2002, David recorded his debut solo album, Never Too Late. In the years since then he has performed in support of his CD, introducing his solo repertoire to clubs, coffeehouses, and colleges in the Chicago area and across the nation.

In 2008, David founded Wild Invader Studios, a writing and recording project studio dedicated to advancing the careers of Chicago-based singer-songwriters like himself.


My One Addiction

Written By: David Wilner

You came over after midnight
Begging for what I could not give
Knowing I would not deny you
Playing with the craving within

You know you are my weakness
Catching me when I drop my guard
A gentle push in the right direction
Watch as I fall apart

Prove that this time will be different
I know it won’t but I just can’t help myself

You are my one addiction
I am yours to use as you see fit
Unable to resist
You are my one addiction
I am yours to control as you please
Powerless to say no

Feel how you confuse me
Make me believe you’re what I need
When all the while you beguile me
On deaf ears fall my pleas

Breaking down my defenses
I’d cry for help if I thought anyone would hear

You are my one addiction…

Always thought I’d break the habit
Only had to make up my mind
Now I know I have to have it
To keep the balance in my life

See how you consume me
Every waking hour
Acquiesce as you subdue me
Prisoner to your power

Pretend that this is the last time
Isn’t that what we said every time before

You are my one addiction…

Never Too Late

Written By: David Wilner

Spent half my twenties working hard every single day
To make the best of the situation
And I've had plenty of success along the way
My share of love and inspiration

And I will not regret the choice I made
I will hold my head up high
And though I do not know what will come next, I do know this that
I will look my future right in the eye because it's

Never too late
To start it over again

Lived my whole life in the same place I was born and raised
So glad I got the chance to tour the nation
Cause in all my travels I never ceased to be amazed
Got a whole new outlook and appreciation

Finally found someplace that feels like home
Feel like I never want to leave
But there it is again that voice down deep inside of me saying
You've got so much more to say boy
Get yourself back on the road cause it's

Never too late
To start it over again

Who says you need to know the day after graduation
What you plan to do till you retire
I'd like to think of life as one great improvisation
I'll go where my heart leads me to
I'll chase my dreams and my desires

Finally found someone who feels like home
Feel like I never want to leave
But there she is again encouraging my every move saying
Go and do what you were born to do and
If you change your mind you'll know it's true that it's

Never too late
To start it over again

Run Away

Written By: David Wilner

I see you staring out your window on a rainy day
Wonder what amazing dreams are dancing in front of that beautiful face
Don’t think this sleepy town can hold you any more
Could it be the time has come when you’ll say goodbye and walk out the door

I think it’s time you run away
And I’m right there with you
Pack a bag, no need to stay
Don’t care where we’re going
Long as we’re together
On the road forever
Say the word we’ll leave today
And we’ll just run away

Kiss your mom goodbye cause you ain’t gonna see her for quite a while
Hug your daddy too, see him smile cause he’s so proud of you
They always knew the day would come, when their baby would grow up
So blessed to see who you’ve become, now let’s get leaving

I think it’s time you run away...

Always thought the big city was calling your name
Destined for neon lights, the grand marquis, the walk of fame
But if the magic loses its spell, if you feel overwhelmed,
You never have to be ashamed, home is waiting

I think it’s time you run away...

I Will Lie

Written By: David Wilner

Honesty is the best policy
That's what they told me before I knew better
Be myself unlike anyone else
That is unless I'm hoping we can be together
Because it's true, I can't get next to you so
I will pretend to be someone better than me
And you will find that we're two of a kind
If that's the only way for us to be together than fine

Maybe I will lie, maybe I will lie
If telling the truth means you'll say goodbye
Don't want to hear my baby cry
This tangled web I weave cause I do deceive
Is worth it all if you'll never leave
Say you'll give me one more try
And I promise I will lie

Three little words that too few of us have heard
No reason why it should be so hard to say them
But nothing's worse than saying it first
A loan with no guarantee of repayment
Now what to do, I heard those words from you and
I know that you're expecting reciprocation
I'll play along and I won't answer wrong
Won't think it over, I'll just take the advice of my song

Maybe I will lie...

Don't you think it's better if we lie to each other
Don't you think it's better not to know
What if we uncover a dirty little secret
That makes you want to walk right through that door
Don't think I could take anymore

Maybe I will lie...

Tide You Over

Written By: David Wilner

Always been told I’m a good listener
Guess I never had much to say
Quick to console but silent about myself
Figured I would have my day

Always the friend, never the lover
And our friendship it has grown
Say you want company and I’m there for you
Wouldn’t want you to feel alone

I can see the warning signs
And I can read between the lines
I can tell that it’s all just a matter of time

Baby, call me up and I will tide you over
Till your next great romance
Doesn’t matter if we last a day or forever
I just don’t want to miss my chance
Baby, call me up and I will tide you over
Till a better man comes along
And maybe you will see that better man is me
Tell me would that be so wrong?

Say that you’re broken without him
Put you together that’s what I do
Cry on my shoulder cause it’s not going your way
But when is it my way when I’m with you?

I can see the warning signs
And I can read between the lines
I can tell that it’s all just a matter of time

Baby, call me up and I will tide you over…

Never said I knew all the answers
But I think this time I may be right
Listen again look at me with a fresh pair of eyes
The answer might be right in sight

“Thank you,” you whisper as you say goodnight
You’re welcome to more than I let you know
You hope to find someone right for you
Would it be right not to let you go?

Baby, call me up and I will tide you over…


With his band Blind Man's Bluff:
Shades - 1997
Project BMB2K - 1999
The Concert That Never Happened - 2000
Jaunce - 2001
Blind Man's Bluff - 2002

As a solo artist:
Never Too Late - 2002
Driving In Silence - 2009 (forthcoming)

Set List

David Wilner Original Songs:
I Will Lie
Run Away
Never Too Late
So Much To Live For
U and I
Alone In That Room
Ten Year Reunion
Memory Rewind
Borrowed Dreams
Tide You Over
Too Many Angels
Every Now And Then
Throw Away
Second Place
Just Tonight
Chase the Dream
My One Addiction
Better Tomorrow
Change In Me
Full Serve
Say Goodbye to Savana
The Drive
I Never Knew
What If

Cover Songs:
"100 Years" by Five For Fighting
"The Way It Is" by Bruce Hornsby