David Wilson, Jr.

David Wilson, Jr.


David Wilson has been a musician for over seven years now. His music is geared toward emotional acoustic songs that are catchy and creative.


David Wilson got his real start in music when he was fourteen. He, along with some friends, created a band called Silent Stones which he was a part of for five years. During high school, David led music for chapels and special events in front of an audience of up to 1,200. After high school, he led praise and worship for a youth group of over 300. He now attends college and is working towards furthering his knowledge and career in the entertainment business. A Christian and well seasoned praise a worhip leader, David seeks to write music that is honorable to God. His music varies from song to song, but many of the songs resemble to acoustic and rock styles of Goo Goo Dolls, Jack Johnson, and Matt Wertz.


Dance With You

Written By: David Wilson, Jr.; Bo Salmon

I wish you could see yourself
Through my eyes
How beautiful you are;
How can I call you mine?
I pull you close
When I find my chance
Whisper in your ear
"May I have this dance?"

I just want to dance with you
Hold you in my arms all night
Twirl you 'round and 'round the room
And lose myself inside your eyes

So I follow in your steps
And lock site with site
Show you to the world;
Let them see your mine
I'm not perfect
Anyone could see
But held within your arms
That's what I'll try to be


Written By: David Wilson, Jr.

The desperation in your eyes
Has go me hypnotized
I'm dying to say something
But I know it won't mean nothing
To an angel who used to sing
Eternal melodies
What good is a love song
If it breaks your heart to sing along

Tears are hidden by the rain
But your looking forward to sunny days
There's no need to be afraid
Of yesterday

Life's not wasted
When you're chasing after your dreams
Love's not over
When you've lost all hope in everything
I'll hold on to you
While you're beaten down by the storm
We took the first step
Now there's no turning back, no nevermore

I know you made some mistakes in your life
But you don't have to hide
If I could, I'd take your pain
And I'd love you anyways
Don't you dare throw up a white flag
And blame a world gone mad
If you're ready to surrender
I'll be your shoulder and you'll remember

Dedicate This

Written By: David Wilson, Jr.

A thousand smiling pictures
Each one without a cost
A million hearts left broken
All for a single lost
I see you smiling, waiting
Trapped in a memory
Oh God I know You're listening
So won't You set me free

I missed the time I should've spent
Standing by your side like a man
Do more than just the mistakes
Feel more than just your heart break

And the day begins with just another ending
When the pain stops, all we'll have is that beginning

I dedicate this to those who have been lost
I dedicate this to those who have been double-crossed
I dedicate this to those who inside, they hurt
I dedicate this to those who want to be heard

I remember as a child
I used to watch you outside playing
You'd think of dreams for a while
But dreams never think of staying

And the day begins with just another ending
When the pain stops, all we'll have is that beginning

My friend, where did you go
That night time ticked so slow?


Written By: David Wilson, Jr.

What makes a man free?
Is it something he's born with or something he achieves?
Is it something he declares
Or something that's fought for that really isnt' there?

Emancipated, puppet cut free
I am no longer a slave of these strings
Declaration of my first chance to breathe
I am no longer a slave of these strings

What makes a melody?
Is it choices in life made on an emotional sea?
Is it in the mind of its maker
Or a comfort that's found in the midst of dispair?

What makes a heart beat?
Is is that thing we call love or is that just skin deep?
Is is hope? Is it truth?
Or the decision to live regardless of all proof?


Silent Stones Demo - 2004
Singles Online (from 2005 - 2008):

Set List

Non-Praise and Worship Set List:
(1) Welcome Back
(2) Hear Me Still
(3) Cynical
(4) Dance With You
(5) Almost Over
(6) When I Wake Up, I'll Dream
(7) Puppet
(8) I Only Hope
(9) Nevermore

Praise and Worhip Set List:
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