A unique mix of skillfully placed samples, clever loops, soulfull and powerfull vocals, with a skill level with the guitar that has been compared to every "marque" guitar master to date! All put together in a polished live show that leaves audiences mezmorized time after time!


In the last four years David Wiser has been on TV several times, on over a dozen radio stations (one in London, England), in countless newspapers and magazines, recorded in eight recording studios, and has played on over 580 stages in the last four and a half years!!! Now, David Wiser is booking the tour that is certian to etch the his name into the minds of all who experience David Wiser live!


TBA - 2007 - "Almost Here"

2007 - "Time"

2006 - "Aqil" / Valhalya Records

2006 - "Mitsuko" / Valhalya Records

2006 - "KharmaSonical" / Valhalya Records

2005 - "Cielo Vista" / RMC Records

2005 - "Live From The Copper Bar" / Rhino Productions

2005 - "Demo for 104.9 The-X" / Midnight Soundworks

2004 - "Call It" / Vintage Studios

2004 - "Live From Shawbees Big Dawg Saloon" / Blue Room Studios

2003 - Demo w/Rick Cates / Broke Man Records

Set List

"Wiser" caters to each crowd. With originals, covers and the order of songs. In doing so, each show is unique, keeping fans coming show after show! Covers include songs by artists such as...
Jimi Hendrix
John Mayer
Hadden Sayers
Pearl Jam
Alice in Chains
Ben Harper
Derick Trucks
Allman Brothers
Eric Clapton
Robin Trower