David W. Poulin

David W. Poulin

 Agawam, Massachusetts, USA

I write lyrics only, however, I do know how the songs should sound.


My songs are unique in that they cover a variety of topics. I've written songs about War / Domestic Violence / Death Penalty / Drugs / :Lonely Christmas / (and of course) Lost Love. But don't label me a Protestor or Earthy-Crunchy. I simply write lyrics based on emotion from something I see, hear or feel. It's just a coincidence I cover such topics but of course they are e-motional topics so it's easy for me to open up.



Written By: David W. Poulin

Here I go
Killing myself again
Taking another shot
And getting more drawn in
It's the deadliest proposition
That I can't win
And the evilest
Of evil sins

(Begin Chorus)
It's Heroin
It's Heroin
And I'm losing again
To Heroin
To Heroin
(End Chorus)

The needle that you push
Can make you wild
But don't be fooled
My little child
Cause it can put you down
Like a bullet in the head
And if you survive
You'll wish you were dead


It's Heroin
So remember the name
It's Heroin
And not a game
Cause children die
Leaving their parents
To ask why
Where and when


Don't feel sorry for me
Just say goodbye
And remember my child
Don't get high
Cause it'll reel you in
Like it always does