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Into The Blue

Written By: David Young

We blew up our love, we broke our heart,
Bitter words tore us apart in the night.
There was too much honesty, too much pain,
Too much to lose and nothing to gain from the fight.

But when the sun finally broke through,
And I was still standing with you.
There was nothing else we could do,
But stare into the blue, into the blue.

Love is a game with so much at stake,
We run the risk that someone can break all our dreams.
And losing love, well that’s a bitter pill,
But choosing love is a test of will so it seems.

Chorus (fall):

I had a dream where I was up in the sky,
Wings like an eagle I was free to fly far away.
But you had no wings, you were still earthbound,
I had to choose to leave the ground or to stay.

Chorus (fly):

The future is out there like the big blue sea,
No real way to know what’s waiting for you and for me.
We could play it safe, we could choose to stay,
Or we could take our chances and sail away to the blue.

Chorus (sail):

God Let It Rain

Written By: David Young

That’s the first cloud I’ve seen in sixty days or more,
The ground’s so dry there’s cracks two inches wide.
The sun so hot it burns my skin right through this cotton shirt,
It’s been months now since the sky even tried…
To rain

Let it rain, God let it rain.
Let it rain, God let it rain.

The weather man on the radio says we’ve set a record again,
Wichita Falls, the hot spot in the land.
And sure it’s even hotter out here in the country,
I don’t know how much more this poor old farm can stand…
Without rain.


These cattle here in Montague County, they ain’t never gonna’ make the grade.
You can’t grow anything to feed ‘em when it’s 100 in the shade.
They lose three pounds every day that they never will regain,
And I don’t know how they’ll ever stand the strain…
If it don’t rain.


Our whole world is brown, it’s burnin’ down, the crops are dead or dyin’,
As the air steal precious moisture from the ground.
So I say a prayer to God each night before I go to sleep,
I pray please wake me late tonight with the sound…
Of rain.


A World For Avery

Written By: David Young

The sun sets through the late October skies,
Colors splashed so bold and bright, it almost hurts my eyes.
Another evening miracle to celebrate the day.
Avery I hope it always stays this way.

Avery I want to leave to you,
A world still blessed with green and blue,
A healthy, living earth, sea, and sky.
I don’t want to tell you,
Avery, I’ve failed you.
I don’t want you to think I didn’t try.

I feel the cooling mist of a soothing, summer rain,
Wash away this heat and the dry, parched, thirsty pain.
Sometimes I have to think that nature is out there keeping score.
We’ll be the ones to blame when there’s no more.


Granddaughter this old earth is on the bubble,
The sea is growing warmer every day.
Nature is showing signs that we’ve got trouble,
God help us if we look the other way.


I hope there’s fresh air forever more.
I pray that you’ll swim coral reefs and waves still crash the shore.
And float down crystal rivers under endless clear blue sky.
I pray you’ll never have to ask me why.

I don’t want to tell you,
Avery, I’ve failed you.
I don’t want you to think I didn’t try.