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Davie & The Untamed

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Garage Rock



The best kept secret in music



With a new raccoon skin hat and a new band, Davie set off to find his sound. What he found was Davie and the Untamed along with a new stride. One that should have all the big time record folks in Nashville buzzing and coming to every show.

Davie and The Untamed’s debut album, ‘DAVIE’ is going to be a legend that the Volunteer State will put next to Old Hickory himself. It’s a fresh sound that we need in this dark time of rock and roll.

There are no weak links on this EP, but the songs to check out are ‘Weary’ and ‘Don’t Take Your Love Away.” The songs writing style and vocals will make you think of the days where rock and roll was simple, new and just out of the oven. The songs will make you remember a simpler time. They will be staples on summer playlist from now on.

The one and only complaint: We want more!! We’ve got to have more!

But the counter to this complaint is every song off the five song album has repeatability. They don’t get old. Take it from me, it is worth it! This is a very smart move. Build hype with the first release and leave us wanting more. Well played!

“The Sun never shines on the weary.” With their debut EP, Davie and The Untamed may have the sun shine on them. Although it’s just five songs it catches your attention from the get go. The hooks on the tracks will have you singing and listening to it for days on end. The musicianship of the songs and how they are crafted are beautifully done.

DAVIE is an album that could make modern day artists come back to their roots. With its early Rolling Stones vibe, Davie and The Untamed takes the sound and turns it into their own.

DAVIE hits iTunes on November 11th, and I suggest you get a copy and ask yourself what’s not to love about the album. - JOE COLLIER / MONSTERS OF GEEK

"Mr. Smith Goes To Nashville / Interview"

I first stumbled across Davie Smith on that vintage social media network known as Myspace.

I knew Davie ran a small music club in the town where I teach – Big Stone Gap, Virginia – and was a member of a band called Deep Black Void. The band’s music wasn’t my style – a little too dark, a little too leathery – but I kept track of what Davie was doing, simply because I was interested in folks in my area who were doing their best at making original music.

That was easily five years ago, if not more. Since then, Davie has set out on his own, developing his own guitar driven, retro rock and roll sound. He put together his own outfit, We Killed Vegas, toured for a while, and then became a member of If Birds Could Fly, one of the better bands who call Southwest Virginia home.

Something was missing, though. Simply put, it was a local music scene. The rural mountains of Southwest Virginia are a musical hotbed, rich with fantastic musicians, that is notoriously lacking in outlets for most types of music not of the banjo driven, high lonesome sound. Recognizing that, Davie Smith did what so many other talented musicians do – he packed the van and headed to Nashville.

Davie’s move is one I admire. It isn’t easy to leave the comforts of home, and the Music City has a way of chewing up musicians, but Davie is out there and working, making connections, and pushing his music. I respect that. I recently caught up with him to discuss his move, making music in Nashville, and hot chicken.

BRO – How nerve wracking was it taking the plunge and moving to Nashville?

DS – The most nerve wracking part was figuring out how I was going to tell my girlfriend. I decided that if I was going to do music, this was something I absolutely had to do. At the time, I had a couple friends willing to do it with me. After putting it off for several weeks while dealing with the mixed emotions of dread, excitement, and depressions, I confronted her. My thoughts were that, since she was already set with a career, we would end up doing something long distance or breaking up, neither being something I was looking forward to. Turned out that she loved the idea of moving with me and found another job here in Nashville within a month. It worked out for the better, because my friends backed out at the last minute.

BRO – Do musicians who make the move to Nashville share an “If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere” resolve?

DS – There are definitely two sides to that coin. It’s a plus that there are so many transplant musicians here trying to make – hence the name “Music City” – but that also makes it harder to stand out. I moved to Nashville for the resources. I found out very quickly that doing typical band things like booking paid gigs or finding serious bandmates is difficult due to the sheer number of musicians around. On the flip side, I now have musicians for adding on or playing in shows, photographers, promoters, and the like all on speed dial, which is something I never had back home. My game plan is the same as it has always been, which is to expose as many people as possible to my music. The difference is that now I have Nashville and all of its resources to come home to. It’s everyone’s dream to have Nashville behind them, but sometimes I think musicians get too caught up in the idea of making it in Nashville and it can work against them.

BRO – In five words or less, finish this thought: Nashville is different than my hometown because . . .

DS – . . . there are more pompadours. I think there is a Pompadour-O-Matic on a street corner where all the dudes get their hair cut. It also tosses them a blue jean jacket and rolls their pants legs on the way out.

BRO – We are featuring “I Need A Friend” on this month’s Trail Mix. What’s the story behind the song?

DS – When I first got to Nashville, I immediately decided that I needed a solid album before I did anything. I locked myself in my studio and went to work. Things got a little out of hand, what with being completely alone in a new city and having zero friends. It would probably be embarrassing if there had been a hidden camera in that room. I’ve had the music on the back burner for a while and comically sang some lyrics about my situation and how I could really use a friend. Surprisingly, they worked. I sprinkled a little soul in there and wrote about how I was feeling at that moment.

BRO – You can only really call a new city home when you find that special take out restaurant. You found it yet?

DS – Oh, yes. Bolton’s Hot Chicken. If you come to Nashville and ask a local what to eat, you’re going to get something about trying the hot chicken. There are five or so hot chicken restaurants here and I have had them all. Bolton’s is king. It is the grimiest ghetto rock and roll restaurant ever and they treat you like dirt until you get to know them, but it’s cool, because the only thing that matters is the chicken. When I die, I want to be buried in their mac and cheese.

Davie & The Untamed will next take the stage on February 7th at Turn One in Nashville. Take a listen to “I Need A Friend” on this month’s Trail Mix and, if you dig it, point your browser here and grab a copy of the new EP. Stay tuned to Davie’s website for the upcoming release of his full album on Goldship Records. - DAVE STALLARD / BLUE RIDGE OUTDOORS "TRAIL MIX"

"Favourite Songs of 2015… The First Two Months."

I spent a couple of days in Mississauga last week, which meant I had a few hours to pass on the plane. I’ve been promising a few friends and colleagues some new music to start 2015, so I figured there was no better time to take inventory of what I’ve been listening to this year.

Here’s 25 of my favourite tunes so far.

4th And Roebling – The Districts
They released my favourite song last year, and were half the bill of my favourite show. The new album has a number of standouts beginning with this opening track.

A Beginning Song – The Decemberists
The Oregonian folk rockers return with a decent follow-up to 2012′s excellent The King Is Dead. The final song on the album really shines.

Addicted – Jesse Malin
A lively up-tempo tune from the former punk/glam rocker. Singer/songwriter seems to to suit his sensibilities quite well. The new album is out in March, his first in five years.

All This Wandering Around – Ivan & Alyosha
The Seattle folk-popsters just announced their sophomore album a couple of weeks ago, and released its first single. Really great melody; I think it’s better than anything on their debut.

American Beauty – Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors
A simple country/folk-tinged melody from the Nashville singer/songwriter.
Listen to the full album here.

America’s Sweetheart – Elle King
Her lead single, Ex’s & Oh’s, from the just-released Love Stuff, was my second favourite song last year. This foot-stomper from the AC/DC-loving King is the early odds-on favourite to be my number one this year. Turn it all the way up to 11.

Anne Marie – Wood & Wire
Hard-driving, traditional bluegrass from the Austin quartet whose singer, Tony Kamel, bears an uncanny resemblance to Ricky Skaggs on this tune.

Annihilation Affair – Torche
The ferocious first song from the Miami sludge rock quartet’s new LP. Brutish, pounding guitar riffs contrast with melodic vocals to produce the perfect noise.

Blood Song – Divers
A noteworthy debut from the Portland band, they lean heavily on classic Americana punk/roots rock. Think early Springsteen-Gaslight Anthem with a British accent.
Also check out: Getaway.

Breathless – Waxahatchee
Indie singer Katie Crutchfield returns with a top-notch follow-up to Cerulean Salt. I’ve hit repeat a few times on this synth-laden fuzz pop track.

Gunsight – Sturgeon City
Strong picking and fiddlework coupled with a great harmony on this rousing number from the traditional bluegrass stringband out of Virginia.

Handsome – The Vaccines
The Brit-popsters are back and picking up right where they left off from Come Of Age with their catchy new single. Huge expectations for this album from one of the best live acts today.

Heaven’s High – Wrinkle Neck Mules
They’ve been around for 15 years, but I had never heard of these Virginia roots rockers until last month. Boy, I’ve been missing a lot. This is the first song off their latest (sixth) album, and it’s fantastic.
Also check out: a free download sampler of tunes from earlier albums.

Hypnotized – The Lad Mags
By no means a token entry on this list, the newest tune from the local garage pop act has this groovy retro psychedelic feel going on that I’m really loving.

I Need A Friend – Davie & The Untamed
Soulful guitar hooks and a voice reminiscent of early Mick Jagger from the Virginia-born, Nashville-based Davie Smith.

Incidental – Two Gallants
A driving ‘Mats-like number with a ragged guitar hook and crashing drum line. The newest album release from the San Francisco garage folk duo is first-rate.
Listen to the full album here.

Let The Good Times Roll – JD McPherson
The Oklahoma native is back with his signature rockabilly sound. There’s no worries about having a good time listening to the rollicking lead single here.

Meet You In The Middle – Parker McCollum
The first tune off the Galveston native’s debut album – a mixed-tempo, radio-friendly number – is very promising. Hopefully he stays off the bro-country path.

Mona Lisa – Dead Sara
As much as I loathe Vevo for their video pre-rolls, they get the credit for serving up this rocking track that grabbed my attention last month.

Not A Song – Jim White
The upbeat melody overshadows the darker lyrics, but the catchy la-da-da chorus will have you happily singing along regardless.

Sedona – Houndmouth
The lead single off the Indiana quartet’s forthcoming LP. It’s a little more folk-poppy than their previous alt-country sound, but their exceptional harmony and catchy choruses are still present. Very excited to hear this next month.

Time Will Wait – Kristin Diable
A bluesy, southern Americana melody with a voice reminding me of a young Stevie Nicks. Produced by Dave Cobb, who oversaw Isbell’s Southeastern and Sturgill’s Metamodern Sounds, the entire album is a delight.
Listen to the full album streaming on NPR this week.

Top Shelf Drug – Ryan Bingham
It’s been hard to pick a favourite off Bingham’s latest release; the album is outstanding from start to finish. I’m hoping the gravel-voiced roots rocker finally tours Canada with this one.

Wolves – American Aquarium
The “most active band” in America last year with over 200 gigs are back with a new album and show no signs of slowing down. An honest follow-up to their Isbell-produced 2012 album Burn.Flicker.Die.

So it looks like we’re off to a grand start to the year. (Well, except for that Drake mixtape, but we’ll put that behind us and move right along.)

Hopefully there’s a track or two that you enjoyed, and as alvvays, feel free to leave a comment or tweet at me to let me know what I’ve been missing. - DEEJ / YEG MUSIC CLUB


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Davie & The Untamed is the music of singer/songwriter Davie Smith. With a music style that grabs elements from the blues, garage rock, and alternative country, he has been involved with several music projects over the years that have allowed him to share the stage with national acts like FOXY SHAZAM, SHOVELS AND ROPE, THE LAST INTERNATIONALE, and SUNDY BEST. Davie made the shift to a solo artist in 2013.

Self proclaiming their sound as "American Rock and Roll", Davie & The Untamed was invited to play Red Gorilla's Stage at SXSW 2015 in Austin, TX. Also in 2015, the band topped the music website MUZOOKA "top chart" gaining the attention of actor and recording artist Drake Bell. Upcoming shows with Drake are in the works.

With over 1,000 downloads of previous EPs and singles on NoiseTrade.com, Davie & The Untamed was named the one of the website's "New and Notable" bands.  With a "writing style that will make you think of the days when rock and roll was simple, new, and just out of the oven", the band's live shows have been described as "rock at it's most pure and unrefined state; gritty, but perfectly controlled."  With "soulful guitars, a voice reminiscent of early Mick Jagger", and a "groove you can move to", Davie howls over the music with lyrics about love, life, and everyday struggles. At first listen, it is apparent that he isn't trying to change music, but make a sound of his own. "Davie & The Untamed goes well with the masses, but it also offers an important homage to the roots of American Rock and Roll."

DAVIE & THE UNTAMED is drummer Matt Lewis, bassist Jonathan Beam, backup vocalist Jeff Hutchins, and guitarist Kevin Hindman. The band is based in Nashville, TN and is signed to GOLD SHIP RECORDS of Bristol, TN.

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