Davie Rodriguez

Davie Rodriguez


Pop explodes and vomits on R&B, leaving the orgasmic aftermath of an eclectic, Latin fusion that is Davie Rodriguez.


Davie Rodriguez (born October 10, 1987) is a singer/songwriter/dancer. Born David L. Rodriguez, he began creating music when the single 'Contagious' was leaked by a producer and gained much exposure in early February of 2011. He is especially known for his bilingual music and interpreting all styles and genres.

Sonic Eclectic described him as '...Responsible for some of the smoothest, most enticing and freshest R&B to be produced in a long time.' His albums 'We Speak The Truth' & 'Rhythm Room' are a melodious mix with both Island and mainland culture, while being laced with catchy hooks and syrup-like vocals.

He now performs in internationally as part of the band 'Organized Sounds' (Press Keyz) (Ryan Christopher) and is working on his third studio album.


We Speak The Truth/Hablamos La Verdad
Davie Rodriguez's The Rhythm Room

Set List

Rey of The World
Push & Breathe
Handle Me
Give Me A Lie
Nobody Else
Glad You Came