"No rules, no limits & no boundaries when it comes to playing & creating music, it is our salvation, the means to escape to a better & much higher world, & whats even better that its REAL!" ...DaVinCi, Egypt.


1454 – The birth of a pioneer architect, painter, sculpture & inventor, most famous work of his known today is the Mona Lisa; this revolutionary individual is no other than
Leonardo Da Vinci

2003 – The publish of the worlds #1 best seller that shook the world, the book that put history as we knew it into a different perspective, the Vatican intervened, some say that book was plain blasphemy, author of the book was Dan Brown, this book is known as
The Da Vinci Code

2005 – The union of three individuals sharing the same passion, goal & vision, a band that is all about the passion for music, the goal to create the most original & diverse sound in town & last, the vision of penetrating the global music scene through the genre of rock music making Egypt & the middle east a clear spot on the global rock music market map, the band had its first live experience in the global battle of the bands 2005 in Jordan representing Egypt, the band is called



Written By: Ali Mortagui

In a land where my soul has roamed, there lies a river & three big stones

A land of kings where there lie there bones, a sacred soil what I call home

Let me sing for you the words of the world I roamed

Ya leily ya 3einy yaaaah 3ein
Ye leily ya 3einy yaaaah 3ein

Burning rays of the sun it feeds, there was a time where we used to lead

Soon will come our time to be the greatest nation our legacy

It's over (The DiVinE CaLL)

Written By: Ali Mortagui

You took it all away & I now live astray
In lonely nights I’ve seen the person I have been

& there I go, there I go, I drift away
Very slow just very slow, can’t take the pain

It’s over; I’m sober, & colder
I just feel like hanging, from a rope around my neck
I stand here, I’m singing, but sinking to a world with no thinking
& that’s the side of me

Pounding & pounding God I am surrounded no,
All I have to do is scream, but I still whisper

Round & round I can’t stop spinning now
What have I don’t to be like this I dunno how?
Now the time has come, to scream my lungs out

Here I go now

Why oh why I have this world inside my head
Why oh God I wish I was dead


Written By: Ali Mortagui

There you are lookin sad & blue from all the things that were done to you, I know, I know
It seems to you that you lost it all but then again you never did fall, you know, you know

Rise! Rise!
Don’t look down, just wear your crown
Rise! Rise!
You’ll find your way, to a brand new day

Summer’s gone here comes the rain, I felt it all I felt your pain I know, I know
Misery’s your company, your closest friend your legacy I know, I know

Rise! Rise!
Don’t look down, just wear your crown
Rise! Rise!
You’ll find your way, to a brand new day

It’s not the world inside your head that will take away your pain
It’s when your world will RISE!

What iF

Written By: Ali Mortagui

You lift me up when I’m down
You just take all my being
& you sooth my soul & sooth all my body

You make me feel like a king
With his queen on the throne
We can change the world

But there’s a side to every story

Let me tell you
It’s not a mystery
Now tell me…

What if I won’t be sober?
What if won’t live longer
What if I gave all I had to some miscellaneous random stranger?

Will you by then still want me?
Will you by then still need me?
Will you by then still love me & wrap your world as always around me?

What I am? (Chorus I)
What I am to you? (Chorus II)


Take your chances
Prepare for all different stances
I will ask this
Just one more time now
Please tell me now…
…What if (Chorus)

The Shadows

Written By: Ali Mortagui

Buried in the moments of silence
Overwhelmed by the scenes that crossed my mind
Hiding under the layers of my life
Suspended by the air I breathe

I see them crawling next to me
No shape or size
As if something is choking me
Gripping tighter!

Take my fire
Make me a liar
Strip my from my dignity

Darkness higher
Darkest desires
Carve my soul with misery

The shadows are here!!!


Written By: Youssef Altay

Focus on my eye
Failure to deny
Sheltered in a veil
Such a familiar tale

Forced to escape this warmth
Let the vultures swarm
Grab your beloved & go
Beyond all you’ve ever known!

The knives I’ve taken out
With a bare-knuckled fist now to your dirty hand

I’ve never felt this way
There’s nothing more to miss here
Let me show you out back in the crowd

Hosting herds of lies
Cakes & cups of lies
Winters can change lives
I choose to live not to die

The knives I’ve taken out
With a bare-knuckled fist now to your dirty hand

I’ve never felt this way
There’s nothing more to miss here
Let me show you out back in the crowd

Stab for a stab for stab for a stab!


DaVinCi with it's current line-up has been established in Sep 2006, particpated in Global battle of the bands 2005 in Jordan in addition to Shamal: the battle for Dubai desert rock festival 2007.

Main focus of DaVinCi is to create tracks that are creative, original & not bounded to a certain genre, just mainly falling under the umbrella of "Rock".

The band is in the process of finalising the demo "Home Made MusiC" that will contain no less than 15 tracks to be distributed in live gigs.

Support the Egyptian rock scene & support DaVinCi!

Set List

Set list,

Too AWake
WhaT iF
ItS OveR
Filthy Hands
Pain is overrated

All of the above songs that are not in the EPK for download are available with us already recorded, if intrested for more then just drop an email saying U WanT MoRe! ;)