Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

DaVinci is a versatile pianist-composer who has created music in an eclectic variety of genres, including Classical, Jazz, Argentine Tango, Persian and others. His music has been called 'beautiful', but don't just take our word for it: Listen to the samples and hear for yourself!


Although he pursues the study of physics and philosophy at the University of Michigan (and has a degree in pharmacy), DaVinci never stopped following his passion for music.
To him, the process of creating music is motivated by trying to give back some of the pleasure he experiences when listening to beautiful musical works. And since beautiful music knows no cultural, chronological, ethnic or stylistic boundaries, his own compositions reflect the breadth of what he has heard since he grew up in Berlin, Germany to Persian Parents.
The accidental discovery at the age of 12 that he had the ability to easily reproduce melodies on the piano began a passionate love affair that persists to this day and has borne many a fruit, as outlined in the Discography.
This was, however, largely a private affair until in December 2010 one of his compositions was selected as a winner in the 2010 Block M record music competition, prompting him to consider sharing his passion and love for music through more professionally oriented venues.


I'd Like to be There

Written By: DaVinci

1 I'd like to be there when you need a true friend to lean on/
I'd like to be there to give you a hug when you need one/
I'd like to be there when when life seems almost meaningless/
To show you all the treasures with which you are blessed/
(Chorus) I'd like to be there 'cause that's what we've got each other for/
I'd like to be there 'cause I know right now you need nothing more/
I'd like to be there 'cause I know with absolute certainty/ That some day soon, I'll need you there for me/
2 I'd like to be there when you're at your most vulnerable/
I'd like to be there when things just seem intolerable/
I'd like to be there when there seems no end to your pain/
Because there is and I'll help you see through the rain/
3 I'd like to be there when no else seems to follow through/
I'd like to be there when you've got no one to turn to/
I'd like to be there for you when things don't work out right/ Because I know how it is when there's no friend in sight/ Copyright 2011 DaVinci


Dam-E Kuch-E ('Near the Alleyway') won the 2010 Block M music competition (see http://www.blockmrecords.org/) and is scheduled to be commercially released in 2011.

In addition, there are 4 informally created albums (Streams from these albums will be noted):
CD 1: A collection of 13 pieces for solo piano, mostly in the classical style. Includes Dam-E Kuch-E, Little Etude and Piano Sonata 3, Movement 3
CD 2: A Collection of 12 works, mostly jazz, arranged for various instruments and prominently featuring the sax. includes Brooklyn Bridge, King of Cool, Meeting an Angel
CD 3: A Collection of 9 works for piano and cello, mostly in the Argentine Tango Style, Includes Habanera AnnArborina
CD 4: A Collection of 11 works in a variety of genres, including electronic music. Includes Milonga de Miercoles

Finally, DaVinci has created another 45 works in these and other genres, and has many more in various stages of completion.

Set List

The venue will need to provide
1. A Piano
2. Sound & Lighting, if required, as well as staffing to operate them