Davin McCoy Band

Davin McCoy Band


All original shows, or hours of great covers, Davin McCoy plays solo or with a four piece and after 600 plus shows, there is no question that the music will captivate any audience. Debut album produced by Clay Cook (John Mayer, Shawn Mullins).


Davin McCoy's music offers an honest observation on the dark sides of humanity, while leaving much needed space for hope and redemption. Natural melodies leave an open canvas for heavy lyrics, soulful vocals, and emotional performances. Whether solo or with the band, Davin is sure to captivate.

I will not bore you with a ridiculous amount of useless info about myself, so Ill give you the gist. I was born in Albany, Ga, before my parents divorced and moved to Atlanta, bringing the kids with. I went back and fourth every other week from Dads to Moms. Both remarried to cool people. At my dad's house we listened to a lot of James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, Jim Croce, and many other folky greats; he also played lots of that stuff to me on his guitar. At my mother's house we listened to a lot of Van Morrison, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Bill Whithers, and many other great soul singers. Here, we lived a very Christian lifestyle, and when I picked up the guitar and started singing at 11 years old I went straight into the worship scene. It was there that I began to master my craft, which will be a process involving the rest of my life. After becoming lead worship leader for several years, I left the church in search of a greater and more tolerant truth. At seventeen, having left the church and not finding an immeadiate answer, I began to suffer greatly due to the sudden shock that everything I had been taught about success and happiness and importance in my suburban upbringing could possibly all be bullshit. I went through a severe depression through my 18th year, and snapped out after high school. It was then that, rather than going to UGA as planned, I took a year off and did nothing but crash on friends couches, read, write, think, and explore. THis might have been the most developmental period of my life to date. I learned more about my own beliefs in that period than I ever had; it also allowed for me to access parts of my brain I had never found. I began to write about things that seemed a little bigger than me in that I wasn't writing about how I feel, I was writing comentary on observations of how others feel. I came full circle and began to write more folk music, and at the same time I was singing more soulful. I believe that subconsciously by writing folk music that would appeal to my father, and singing soulful melodies that would appeal to my mother, in some way I was fixing love, I was mending a failed and shamed, long ago love. Of course this sounds silly, but it goes with the territory, I will always be looking for the existence of love in the strangest possible places, in the darkest allys, and in the sadest situations, to prove that it does live. I need for love to show itself to me in different places to fight my own cynicism, my cynicism debilitates me; it chokes me; it fights my need for air, for hope. After my music began to really become my own, I moved to Hawaii to go to school. I began playing 5 nights a week, eventually got signed and moved back to Atlanta. After months and months of unhappy situations with the label, I left to become indipendent once again, and recorded the indy CD with the great Clay Cook. Most of the songs were written while I was suffering with the label, in a studio apt, with nothing but a matress, a guitar, a notebook, a bottle of whiskey, and a few other things. Although it is mellow, and a bit sophamoric, I really do enjoy this first indy project, and I cant wait to make more. The CD is far from showy, but I will always be proud that I did it my way. The live shows are a major juxtiposition if standing next to my recorded music. Shows tend to be very energetic, even if I am playing mellow songs. I have always attributed this to the emotion that pours from my live performances. I feel it no matter what, all I can do is hope others do too.

It’s as if when I perform, I’m subconsciously trying to take a style of guitar and lyrics that my dad would love and combine them with a soulful delivery that my mom would love in order to fulfill a lost fantasy of mending broken love and reuniting a mother and father. Or anyone who has lost love to time. Life can be a slow killer of love.

Davin left the church at 17 to pursue personal spirituality and escape from hypocrisy. He began playing bars shortly after, took year off of school did nothing but sleep on friends couches, play live shows, read, and write. His displays of being a true singer/songwriter lead him to Hawaii. He attended University of Hawaii. While on the islands Davin gained a following and landed himself a record contract. After signing the record contract, he recorded for months, left contract & trashed recordings. He felt the poppy music his label wanted him to sing was not who he was.

Recorded and wrote "Forty Days From Friday" while living in an empty apartment fueled for three months on whiskey, beer, and good literature to inspire his debut album. Songs are based on observations of love,


2006 - Forty Days From Friday - selected singles have been played by various radio stations in Atlanta

Set List

Davin McCoy, Original Songs

Forty Days From Friday(debut CD)
•One Last Drink
•Pretty Girl
•73 (fool I’ve been)
•What You’ve Done
•In Your Lullabye

•Autumn Leaves
•In My Own
•Head to Toe
•Buy Your Soul
•Beautiful Heartattack
•Sandals and Cigars
•Monterey 40
•First Day Came(Second Day Rained)
•Soldier’s Song
•Ugly Tonight
•Take it All (I’m Fine Anyway)

Covers You May Hear at a Live Show:

Cat Stevens -
•Wild World
•Where do the Children Play?
•Father and Son

Otis Redding –
•These Arms of Mine
•Ain't no Sunshine (Bill Whithers)

Sam Cooke –
•Change Gonna Come

Weezer –
•Say it aint So
•Sweater Song

Pearl jam –
•Elderly Woman
•Last Kiss

Dave Mathews Band –
•Long Black Veil
•Ants Marchin
•Jimi Thing
•What Would You Say

Allman Brothers Band–
•Soul Shine

Black Crowes –
•Hard to Handle