Davis Lane

Davis Lane

 Dallas, Texas, USA

Americana/Folk Rock...The hard driving soul of Steve Earle with the delivery and poise of Bruce Springsteen! We have a soulful live performance that captures your attention, and we love what we do.


Davis Lane is an eclectic mix of everything from Rock n Roll to Country to some good old Folk and Blues. Their players come from a wide range of backgrounds and influences, which gives them a sound all their own. Davis Lane originated in Commerce, TX by founding members Josh Hamman and Jason Hicks. While Jason grew up and got a real job, Josh is burning up the road with the best of the best. They have played everywhere in Texas from the Gulf Coast to the Piny Woods, as well as regionally in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Davis Lane has recently released their debut single, "Sabine River Bottom", from their second album "How To Catch A Train", which had a strong debut on the Texas Regional Radio Charts, and is still climbing.


I Won’t Drink the Wine

Written By: By: Joshua L. Hamman

It was a humid July
Mississippi night.
Something about it
Never felt right.
It was a little blonde haired girl
Broke my heart, when she caught my eye.
She was dancing w/ my best friend
She was smiling at me when they danced by.

We were just a bunch…
of dumb young kids.
How was I to know…
That she would fall for him?
Never knew how our live would change.
Our fates would intertwine.
I drank way to much that year as
Your touch burned up my mind.

Now I’m wondering what we’re doing here…
Just wasting time.
You belong to him, and
I refuse to make you mine.
You don’t like the flavor,…
And I won’t drink the wine.

On a blanket in the back yard,
With a bottle of cheap ole red.
Watching the stars dance thru the
Oak tree above my head.
Said you wanna talk to me.
It was the summer of ’98.
I was way too early, and
You were way too late.

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How To Catch A Train, released on August 22, 2011...available online at cdbaby.com, iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Zune, and many more.

Davis Lane: The Odd Box Sessions, released on August 6, 2010...available online at cdbaby.com, iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Zune, and many more.

We are getting airplay across the State of Texas and a couple hundred internet stations in the States and Overseas. We are also getting airplay on a few regional radio stations in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Florida.

Set List

Original Set - 2+ hrs:

A Long Way From Home
I Won't Drink The Wine
Room 145
Dave's Darkhorse Tavern
No Way Out
Lay With Me Tonight
Sabine River Bottom
Walking Out
Say Goodnight
Girl With The Broken Heart
River Song
St. Christopher
200 Miles Away
Becca's Song
He's That Guy
Down Down Down
Don't Put Me Away
Stay With Me
Deacon Jim
Smooth Little Number

*more material added and/or changed frequently.