Davide Mattucci

Davide Mattucci


Ranging from introspective ballads to raucous melodic rock, my music is original alt-rock/pop influenced by rock's pivotal pioneers like Springsteen, The Police, Clash, and Costello. The results are hook-filled songs with engaging melodies and themes delivered with a living-room stage wit.


Born in Baltimore MD, I was raised on every imaginable form of music. My father was a trumpeter and when he immigrated to the U.S. in the 1950’s from Italy, he continued playing in latin, ethnic, and jazz bands. I was exposed to rock, pop, punk, and even country from the 70’s and 80’s by stealthily listening to my older brothers’ album collections while they weren’t home.

I began playing piano when I was eight as well as dabbling with the other instruments lying around our house, but was pulled away by the allure of county-wide high-school athletic glory. When my dreams of hockey stardom faded, after a controversial roster alteration, I turned my attention back to music. Unfortunately, being that my brothers were far older and married, the piano, guitar, and drums on which I had learned had been taken to my brother’s new home leaving me instrument-less. Though enterprising, I didn’t have the financial clout to purchase another $5,000 piano. Newly refocused, I decided guitar was what would lead to my preeminence in rock and roll.

I settled on an acoustic guitar my freshman year of college and taught myself to play, applying all the air, and steering wheel, guitar technique I’d mastered. With the help of technological advances like pause, play, and rewind on a compact-disc player, along with the unwittingly supplied tutelage of Pete Townshend, Andy Summers, Joe Strummer, and that guy from Pearl Jam who didn’t play the leads, I slowly learned the instruments’ fundamentals and eagerly joined bands in the Baltimore area. From there I began playing electric guitar and I returned to playing piano and drums, as well as bass.

At the end of college, I formed the band Wisermind with dear friend and bassist Joe Cottone. We eventually found drummer Anthony Eaton, and a clamorous trio heavily influenced by the Police was born. We released an EP in 2003 and favored very well on the Baltimore music circuit, as well as Garageband.com, and local radio stations.

Eager to do something more melodic that would give me a larger platform for my widely influenced past, Wisermind amicably disbanded. Today, I continue to write, record, and perform original music, as well as post mildly-acerbic auto biographical blurbs for web showcases in the hopes of promoting myself and my music. Thanks for reading...


Drama King

Written By: Davide A. Mattucci

Her stone hard face
No more stage show
Please just go
She says, and slowly turns away
And she’s let go (the straight line)
Of me
And what we had is gone in three
So the drama king just falls to knees
Circles lead me round... back around

And so I’ll walk my own way, back home
The city leads me always to your door
The hook that is your laughter, but you’re gone
You’re gone no more

So please, just see
That all I’ve said and want to be
Is with you when you sleep
Black shirt
How you laugh and smirk (straight line)
Its life
So my orbit shifts to move toward light
And I need her now, back around

And so I’ll walk my own way, back home
The city leads me always to your door
The sound of English laughter, but you’re gone
You’re gone no more


Wisermind (Self Titled EP) 2003
Solo Recordings available free online

Set List

Drama King
Front to Back
Drive So Slowly
Clear My Head
Warning Shot
The Pessimist

Every Little Thing She Does is Magic
Driven to Tears
Two Little Hitlers
The Scientist
Fool in the Rain