Davon Magwood

Davon Magwood

 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Hey, so I am an alternative comedian. I love putting on good shows having a Good time, and just performing. My shows are a good time you really get your moneys worth.


Comedian Davon Magwood is known for his alternative approach to traditional comedy. Magwood made his debut to the stand-up world in February 2007 at the Pittsburgh Funnybone. Ever since then, his career in stand-up comedy has been a steady incline towards world domination. Having planned and promoted over 200 shows in three short years, here are some of the accomplishments that he had made since:

• In September 2009, Magwood invited all of his fans, both off and online, to the Pittsburgh Improv to watch him perform his very first headlined show.

• After spending a few years making Pittsburgh audiences laugh, Magwood became a finalist in the "Best of the Burgh" comedy competition two years in a row.

• Later, Magwood reached out to an entirely new audience in another part of the country when he won the "Open Mic Showdown" at Stanford & Sons in Kansas City.

• After making his way to New York City, Magwood was featured in the "$500 Comedy Showdown" at Ochi's Comedy Lounge.

• Magwood has opened for top comedic talent, such as Craig Gass of The Howard Stern Show and has hosted shows for comedians such as Dan Boulger and Na'im Lynn, of Live at Gotham; Gary Owen, of Comic View and Daddy Daycare; and Jim Florentine, of Crank Yankers and Meet the Creeps.

• Magwood has also performed guest spots for comedians such as Brad Williams, of Mind of Mencia; Bryan Callen, of The Hangover and MadTV; and T.J. Miller, from She's Outta My League, Cloverfield and Live at Gotham.

Magwood hosts the Open-Mic-Night at The Shadow Lounge in Pittsburgh and has hosted at The Funnybone on numerous occasions. He also hosts the Howlers Open-Mic-Night as well as his own show, known as Waffle Time in Pittsburgh.

You can also catch Magwood's stand-up on his official YouTube channel (YouTube.com/DavonMagwood) where he hosts weekly shorts of Davon's Daily Dose.

Want to know a little more about Davon? In his personal time, Magwood enjoys watching movies, skateboarding, drinking, playing video games, sex, eating pizza rolls (in between sex and video games), writing, sleeping, drinking some more, getting blacked out drunk, hitting on women that are way out of his league and just letting live.

Magwood's favorite comedians are Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle, Louis C.K., Greg Giraldo and Richard Pryor.