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Single: Yes You Are, City By the Bay



Davric Lane Biography

“A fair allotment of natural ability, an insatiable thirst for new excitement, and the unshakable belief that this, indeed, is the epicenter of the imminent, revolutionary tremors set to shake the world of popular music.” Is also a statement laced with bombastic, self-importance, and swagger. Not coincidentally, perhaps the description best befitting young rockers Davric Lane. A traditional 3-piece band plus vocalist, The Lane merges the callous, driving rock of Led Zeppelin with the experimentation of Radiohead, culminating in a sound of their own. The current incarnation of the band, which has been on hiatus for 4 years, has been diligently honing their craft in anticipation of one day unleashing themselves upon the masses. That day is upon us.
From day one it has been an uphill battle for Davric Lane. As Roy Sabo entered Paul V. More High School, he accelerated his pursuit of guitar god-status. Having said that, it was only natural that he sought others who shared his musical affinity. Along with vocalist Kevin Fox, drummer Mike Massenzio, and bassist James Terry, he formed the (un)formidable line up of the Highrisers.
Unfortunately, in a tale that has proven far too common for Davric Lane, tragedy struck Roy’s band when Terry shot himself dead 2 years later. The band, needless to say, broke up.
About the same time of Terry’s shooting; Roy met a few new friends at school, a different crowd. They were intellectuals, but they were fun and shared an air of confidence that was exuded while in their presence. Three of these boys were Brian Conklin, Adam Robb, and Mike Maslyn.
As the four grew closer, along with fellow friend Justin Tyler and Jason Hubbard, a great bond was formed, with the aforementioned four in particular taking to great debates in music. Brian and Adam seemed polar twins, as did Mike and Roy. Unfortunately the two groups together were polar opposites.
During the summer of 1996, Mike Maslyn borrowed a friend’s drum set and set it up in the basement of his home. The move seemingly came out of nowhere, and Mike practiced quietly to Pearl Jam’s "No Code" and Stone Temple Pilot’s "Tiny Music". He soon showed much promise, and surprised Brian and Adam a great deal, and then decided their efforts should be stepped up.
At Christmastime, 1996, Adam got his first electric guitar, an Abilene, and matching amp. Brian began to rent Roy’s Samick and Roy invested in a bass. Deciding that if Adam and Brian wanted to play badly, they needed a bassist. And they know exactly where to find the fourth and final link: Mike Maslyn.
The four set about practicing in Mike’s bedroom to Radiohead’s “High and Dry”, “Fake Plastic Trees”, “Street Spirit”, “Creep”, and Oasis’ “Wonderwall”, and “Live Forever”, and Semisonic’s “Closing Time”. There were also several three man jams with just Roy, Mike, and Adam, which proved to be quite inventive.
Tragedy, as it often does, reared it’s ugly head again, though, in the spring of 1997. Maslyn was diagnosed with leukemia, and was forced to receive a bone marrow transplant. Most band activities were, of course, put on hold.
But after battling and battling, even Maslyn couldn’t deny the hand of God. He passed away in December of 1999. Again, band activities were put on hold.
Adam, a fifth semester Marine Biology major holding a 4.0, decided that college was not what he was in it for and took the following semester off. He and Brian actively searched for a drummer to carry out their dream. They put up an announcement seeking the “best drummer in the city”. And got only one reply. Kevin O’Donnell was the guy, and needless to say, he fit the bill. Having already received Roy’s commitment to ride out the storm, the three practiced in anticipation of Roy’s graduation. Which is when tragedy struck again…
Roy in debt to his knees with college loans, accepted a job offer in New York City at a brokerage firm for a salary that I’d have hit him not to take.
With Roy gone and Kevin recently added Brian played the drums and sang while Adam played lead guitar. Mike Kelley, a longtime friend was a willing temporary fix on the bass enabling the three to perform five song sets throughout Syracuse, NY’s open-mic circuit.
While diligently building up a solid fan base the tragedy of 9-11 occurred drawing Mike Kelley, our temporary fix, to join the Marines putting Davric Lane on hiatus for four years.

Brian Conklin; singer and songwriter, as well as founding member, an extreme front man controlling the crowd with his endearing soulful stage presences and witty antics between songs. Citing such influences as Thom Yorke (Radiohead) and Pete Townshend (The Who), Brian’s songs tend to lean toward “Looking within yourself to find the answer and pressing on the fine edge of your emotions.” He’s completed roughly 50 songs to date.

Adam Robb; lead guitarist and songwriter, as well as founding member, awes concert goers