Davy Jones' Locker

Davy Jones' Locker


Energetic, Melodic Rawk - Ear Candy! Huge choruses, tight tight tight riffs,ENERGY,sweat, dancing feet, limbs refusing to stand still, smiles on the face of the girl/guy standing next to you at a show. Whether you are into rock or not- this band will definitely make your day brighter!


Our story starts back in 2004, when Tor Andrè and David started the band after both their guitarists in their metalcore band Aion quit. Aion had almost landed a nice record deal with a Netherlands record label as they had to quit due to lack of guitar-players. This pretty much gave the guys an inspiriation larger than life to get together a new band and get somewhere with it. Less than a year after having played their first gig in the fall of 2004, the band was set to play Norway's biggest festival, the Quart festival, in the summer of 2005. In 2006 DAVY JONES' LOCKER won the "people's choice contest" to play at Norway's Popkomm; Bylarm. Guitar-player Rune Grønn of Turbonegro stated that their gig was "-the best he had seen at the entire festival". The band's debut Ep got great reviews, and sold out in 2 different editions (1500 copies) . Some of the reviewers stated that: "you will love this band for sure!", "-these guys will have world domination!" ,"Someone sign these boys!"Now, in 2008, after 100 played shows, a huge following on Myspace (103900
profile views, 133997 plays, 21126 friends-23/5-2008) the band is ready to release their debut full-length album ,called "Schizophrenia, The Dance Machine" .On this record everything is bigger,better,faster and smarter. The band's sound is unique because every member is a strong link, contributing to each song. Influences: Energy, melody, fun, humour, life & death, truth vs. lies. Good ol' Rock n' Roll!


EP - "Healthy People Prepare to Die" 2005
CD - "Schizophrenia, The Dance Machine" - to be released autumn 2008. Release-date TBA.

Set List

Most of the new record to be released. Pretty energetic. We put our pride in playing mostly only our own material, which we make entirely between the 5 members ini the band. Bye Bye Bye by N'Sync has on several occations been played (Further Seems Forever version).