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Once Was True

Written By: Davy Mooney

Angel eyes in haunted skies
Will gaze no more aground
Upon the green, the setting scene,
A world so tightly wound.

Cross your heart and say a prayer
As though there's someone there.

All the voices in the sky are pleading.
It's the end of all that once held meaning for you, I mean, all that you once felt was true.

Reckless Blues

Written By: Davy Mooney

Lately I've been thinking
Of the times we had
When the world was young
And our hearts were glad.

It's hard, sometimes,
Hard sometimes to change.

Feeling like I'm drifting
On an autumn sea--
There's no port in sight,
Oh! woe is me

It's hard, sometimes,
When you're far away.

Reckless Blues,
Which road should I choose,
There's a lesson either way.

But high or low
It's hard to know,
When you're afraid to lose the way.

Lately I've been drinking
And I can't decide,
Should I run away?
Should I stay and hide?

It's hard, sometimes,
When Reckless Blues
Won't go away.


Davy Mooney Trio - In This Balance of Time 2002
Davy Mooney Trio - Luckless Pedestrian 2003