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DAWAN is a native of Detroit, MI (Eastside). DAWAN is natural when it comes to singing. At the early age of 4 is when he began to sing, little did he or his family know they were witnessing the start of a talented young man with a singing career awaiting for him. His first love is truly performing and singing. When he was 5 years old he appeared in commercials sponsored by the "City for Youth," an organization based in Detroit. During his teenage years he was featured in a Detroit Job Corps Center documentary, " Struggling Teens and Family Situations that Forced Teens to become Adults at an Early Age." DAWAN really began to be serious about his recording career during his teenage years where he started to collaborate with many local acts and National musical artists including MOET, Ready for the World (multi-platinum selling international R&B group), and Marcus Cole of Commissioned (platinum selling gospel group), and Marcus Johnson of the Marcus Johnson Project and Three Keys (a division of MaramelJ Entertainment) to name a few. It is in 1993 when he began to professionally record for the then MCA (Music Corporation of America) Records producers Keith (KDS) and Eric Scott. Throughout the years he has definitely gained the necessary experience to be a significant part of the music world we have today. He shot tremers through thousands of fans with his singing at the Circle City Classis Indianapolis a few years ago, a Coca-Cola sponsored event. The people that day witnessed a star in the making, and DAWAN will stop at nothing to rule R&B to the fullest. DAWAN is truly R&B's "Best Kept Secret." His weaponry of skills goes beyond expectations. Often, people mistakenly look at him as a rapper, and even though he can rap, his heart and fascination remains with R&B. His vocal skills are dazzling, exciting, spontaneous, and down right fantastic. Words alone can't express what this young man can do for the soul. The debut solo album for DAWAN under the direction of his record label Stoneage Entertainment has been named "Freedom's Son", And Second "God Giv'in", Both Available On iTunes And Amazon. New Single Like Tai & China,From The Forthcoming "Let It All Hang Out", Download CD Available 6/2010. so come back soon to find out. The album is based on his past relationships and situations he's witnessed or experienced. His ability to sing, rap, and write are some of the traits that separate him from most other music professionals. He aims to please, and that's what puts his album above the rest. "His desire to ignite, excite, and entertain will turn your blue day into a happy day, these are some of the reasons why we chose to sign DAWAN. If you weren't blue to begin with, then he'll still make you smile anyway, as his music soothes the soul, shoots up your adrenaline, and enflames your spirit,and gets you in the mood. His debut album is slated to hit stores sometime in the near future. DAWAN wants to know how you feel about his music, so please drop a line to DAWAN's e-mail address at: dawandaddy@gmail.com



Written By: DAWAN


She Fades Away

Written By: Dawan

Everytime i see her, everywhere im near her She Fades Away.


Lately, Baby Im Begging, Dawan Freedom's Son And God Giv'in On Itunes And Amazon

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