Apostle13/Da Warrior

Apostle13/Da Warrior

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Da Warrior is one of the Apostolic authorities that God has assigned to bring Jesus Christ Salvation by Integrity, Character, Teaching, Training, Signs, Wonders and Miracles to the Hip Hop Culture and to the masses Mark 16:20, Heb2:4


Apostle13/Da Warroir a.k.a Apostle Keith Davis, an ordained Apostle of Jesus Christ and Senior Pastor of Soldiers Of The Cross Ministries International has been doing Hip Hop from it's inception in the rough ganged streets of New York City. With over 31yrs. of experience in this area from Dee-jaying to M-ceeing to producing, 16 + of which he's been doing in the Lords service. It wasn't a easy road for this County of Kings( Brooklyn, NY ) native , he had a drug & alcohol addiction from 8 1/2 yr.s until he was 28yr.s old. This was a long 20yrs filled with turmoil and grief. He also operated under the influence of witchcraft and so did his whole family. After becoming born again July 7th,1989 I shortly afterwards became possesed with legions of demons. You see part of those 20yr.s was in the body of christ . Three of the twenty to be exact. After NA meetings church councilors and 2 drug programs I had only gotten worse. So I told the Lord that I was going back out on to the street and tha I would be there until he either delivered me or i died. This was around october 17th, 1992. Well Jesus Christ came up to me on the corner of 53rd and 8th avenue in southside Brooklyn on Sept.17th, 1992 and delivered me from all of this , I began to see that my life was worth more than a record deal, girls and partying. Jesus made me one of His Apostles on that day one of the mantles he placed on me was the mantle of Apostle Paul so that I could harness this level of authority to take these streets back for the Kingdom Of God. So i take on no name but the function of the 13th Apostle, Paul Da Warrior . This is just one of the Mantles that Jesus placed on me that day that I may be able to win souls and equipt the saints for the work of the ministry of Jesus Christ.

What will make me different is simply my Integrity, Character, The Signs, The Wonders & The Miracles God will do through me for His service in the lives of other people through this genre of music.


OH NO The Trusted Servant: Released 2000 in Nairobi Kenya, East Africa