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Where My Daddy At? Lile A Man If the Bible Was A Buger


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I Timothy “Da Witness” Thompson was born in New Orleans, La. in the year 1971. Raised single handily by my mother Martha Ann and well taken care of. Things were wonderful but, this life of a fatherless curious George would soon take its’ toll. As a teen I soon sort after that father figure. Looking for direction and taking all the wrong turns. The streets became my teachers. The thugs became my second family. Alcohol and drugs were my only trust worthy companions. It was all good until they all turned on me. Them it seems I turned on myself. Rock bottom I fell harder than ever. Finally I found myself where I vowed never to be. Now with only one way to go along with a nourishing wife to be. My mind refused to be wasted. My body beaten down decided to bounce back. My soul searched and found a spirit within. Then it all reflected back to that little boy with all the big toys but, no one to share them with. I began to ponder on those dreams of having ten kids and teaching them the opposite of the entire negative I had encountered. You know the saying ‘watch what you ask for because you just might get it’. Yeah I got it and I’m loving it Once lost but back together again me, my wife and yep those ten kids. Glory to God because only He could have written a script like that.

Now with all my members in tact. Spiritually, physically, and mentally by, nothing but the grace of God. I “Da Witness” testify via Christian/Inspirational Rap Music. I come to let the truth be told. I come to encourage the land. I come to be a servant to my fellow man. I give back to my peeps and to the streets. The knowledge they gave me. As my Lord and Saviour reveals to me those things of the dark. I do my best to lyrically break down is word and serve those who hunger and thirst after something real. Along with a bit of humor and entertainment I aim to spark in the hearts of a generation that no one really wants to deal with. This I feel is my calling. To war against the same things that waged war on me. The spiritual wickedness that present themselves through music. God’s music twisted to twist the minds of both the youth and the elders. That’s why I do what with song like “Like a MAN”, “Where My Daddy At?”, “Rise and Shine”, and “Confessions”. I’m giving it all I got. I am “Da Witness” and Christian/inspirational Rap Music is my contribution.