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Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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The best kept secret in music


"Well-crafted Lyrics"

By Mark Chou at http://www.mantismagazine.com

Dawn Dineen, with the release of "A Thousand Yarns", evokes many moods and emotional states. Exploring themes of love/ loss and communication, Dineen's well-crafted lyrics only add to the refreshing depth of the music itself. Her arrangements are wonderfully creative, moving from straight pop-rock to stripped down naked emo.

Perhaps the best word to describe her music would be 'intimate'. Not that it hasn't been described that way many times over, but her music feels like comfy old jeans. Like all fabulous vocalists, Dineen uses her luscious, emotion-laden voice (reminiscent of Ricky Lee Jones and Paula Cole at times) as an instrument. She can evoke moods simply by flexing her vocal chords.

- Mantis Magazine

"Musical Sculpture Exhibit"

By Jennifer Layton at http://www.indie-music.com

Dawn Dineen must love that bass guitar. She also did all the vocals, guitars and recording on her folk/rock CD "A Thousand Yarns", but the bass drives a lot of these tracks. Her gutsy, Suzanne Vega meets Natalie Merchant voice is a perfect match for that floor-thumping instrument and provides the heartbeat behind her often yearning, poetic lyrics.

"If I get shallow on you, will you think me familiar? If I get tender, am I dead?.... So beautiful, so dangerous. When I first laid eyes on you, When you walked through my door, I wondered if you would ever know That I'd love you more than all the others."

In tracks like "Fleer," the bass is so strong it feels like an accompanying vocal. On most of the others, especially "Dancer of the Mood" and "Devour," it partners perfectly with the guitar's dancing riffs. The sounds are beautifully structured, melding together. Hearing her music is like floating through a sculpture exhibit.

"It seems unfair that you should feel so cracked inside. Is there no one that can hold you when you feel this tired? You're amazing. You're amazing. You're amazing. In light of your distress, do you feel my caress?"

For the most part, Dineen's songs are quietly dramatic and relentless - intimate, sensual musical flows accentuated by the occasional breathy drops in her voice. She breaks the spell before it gets too intense by throwing in the new-wave flavored "Ant Farm" with its playful electronic sounds, echoed harmony, and streak of humor. There's also the swaying rock tempo of "Mannequin" and the alt rock of the lyrically puzzling "28 Girls."

No matter what the musical mood, her self-described "organic rock poetry" is mesmerizing. Overall, a rather impressive CD, especially considering that most of it was recorded in a spare bedroom on a 16-track setup. Out of such a humble environment, Dineen has created something beautiful.

- Indie-Music.com


TBA (LP) - new CD will release summer 2007
Wound Check (LP) - 2003
A Thousand Yarns (LP) - 2001
Losing Time (LP) - 1991 (ca) /2001 (cd)
Web of Difference (EP) - 1990 (ca)


Feeling a bit camera shy


In August of 1979 there was a severe hurricane called David that clobbered the Caribbean as a category 5. Eventually it hit landfall at a category 1, making it's way up the East Coast of the U.S. with winds at about 75+ miles per hour. At the time my family lived on a farm in southern Maryland next to wide-open fields and acres of woods.

Several hours before the brunt of Hurricane David arrived, winds building, my father had an interesting idea. He decided to fashion a parachute-like contraption out of a large, square sheet of plastic. He tied each corner with a separate cord of rope. He then gathered the four cords of rope together and fastened them to a thick piece of tree branch as a handle. Winds were ripping through the yard as my 5 year-old brother and I (8 year-old tomboy) watched in amazement as dad quickly assembled his newest toy. We weren't sure what we were in for but our dad always knew how to have the most fun so we were game!

At first the plastic filled halfway with wind and become awkward like a large out-of-control kite. Then a full-on surge, hurricane proportionate gust, took control of the sheet of plastic like the sail of a ship and next thing I knew my feet were 4 feet off the ground and I was literally barnstorming our vegetable garden. My brother was giggling with glee as my father ran after me yelling, "Dawny, let go if I tell you to, okay?" It was pretty obvious Dad was having visions of me flying off like Mary Poppins. Next thing I know, Dad's strong hands have my ankles and I'm earthbound once again, exhilarated and safe.

Moments like those will stay with you for a lifetime. Experiencing complete presence in the "now" in that heightened state of awareness; pulsing with energy and feeling joy as a tangible thing deep in your guts. That's how I feel for the art of music. Every time I make music I am seeking to be in that kind of moment again. That's my bio. Please listen to the songs to learn the rest.