Dawning By Day

Dawning By Day


Rising from a bed of straight up rock-n-roll, classic rock, and early metal; these five energetic students are all but new to music. With faith leading the way, their edgy rock speaks for itself with upbeat songs demanding your attention while remaining relevant to listeners of all demographics.


As Dawning By Day took the stage for the first time, the crowd of nearly 200 seemed daunting. This debut performance on the Impromptu stage at Sonshine music festival 2007 provided a somewhat unreal experience. Having only practiced twice as a band in the three months leading up to the festival, this show became the springboard to the band's future. Now, nearly a year later, Dawning By Day has shared the stage with national acts Willet, Bradley Hathaway, and Four Letter Lie. With twenty plus shows under their belt, these small town boys plan to pursue music extensively while attending school full time. Their passion lies within the friendships and relationships that are created and strengthened by live shows. Living a Christ-like life and demonstrating his love to others remains the band's top priority.

Dawning By Day's influences range from Johhny Cash to Showbread; and from MxPx and Emery to The Spill Canvas and Relient K. Combining all forms of rock and adding a bit of an edge creates a sound that is unique, but still satisfies a diverse audience.


The Red Sun EP (6 tracks)

Set List

Homesick for Heaven
Planes Without Pilots Tend to Crash
Brand New Start
The Noose
Stranger In a Graveyard

(25-45 min.)