Dawn Marie Carpenter

Dawn Marie Carpenter

 Johnson City, Tennessee, USA

Have written songs from the fourth grade to my early twenties. Little girl sitting at her piano, believing that if she played the same tune over and over perfectly, that life would be good. Grown up girl, too long without a piano now wishes someone else would finish the songs.


I wrote about ten songs in my youth, early twenties and early teens. They are not finished but if someone likes one or more and is willing to take it to the top, I would love that! I was born in WV and lived in The Netherlands and Canada growing up. I wrote songs to survive my childhood. It used to be that I could not go to bed each night without playing all of my songs. My influences were from the '70's. Karen Carpenter, Bread, Little River Band and many others I enjoyed during that period of my life.

Now I am 53 years old, raising my grandchildren and dream of someone finishing my songs and taking them to the top.


Have released nothing as of yet due to my inability to take my songs to the next level. Do not know how to. However, my songs are posted on my website. dawnmcarpenter.com