"We'll make waves in all directions."


By way of their own sound and unique playing abilities dawn emerges onto the San Diego music scene in the spring of 2006 after relocating from New York the prior year.
With Michael Comtois singing and songwriting this band has an intimate sound to call their own. Having Dan “Ski” on bass to provide the other half of Justin William’s pounding rhythmic drums and Mike Kong on keys, dawn will surely grab your attention.

Eager to succeed, the band has been creating a local buzz playing countless open-mic nights, entering numerous battle of the band competitions, and knocking down the doors at all the local clubs for a chance to play, whether or not their sound fits the bill.
For just over three years, dawn has been entering various recording studios to capture their sound. Using this material to release self-titled demos for their fans, word of mouth buzz has been building in San Diego from East County all the way to the beaches.
With a self-titled CD out, you can catch these up and coming musicians debuting some new material soon.

Listeners have a great deal to look forward to, and anyone who has ever heard dawn’s music will agree, it has always been just a matter of time before this band gets their big chance.

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Set List

Sample setlist:

-get away
-artist in disguise
-promise and a gift
-warm place to hide
-don't look down
-(no way) Up from here
-bow ties and butterflies
-speed queen
-after all
-banquet lights
-like another
-circa 1979