Dawn 'n Blueclover

Dawn 'n Blueclover

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN

Dawn Desmarais is a Metis artist leading 5 piece acoustic band "Dawn 'n Blueclover". Blending blues & celtic stlyes with roots/swing, they perform originals as well as rearrangements of covers. They are currently recorded their 2nd CD - UpRooted soon to be released!


The Inspiration Behind Celtic Blues-
The inspiration for this project/band comes from the front porch, where the sun sits high, pouring it's heat on you. The sweat drips from your brow and down the back of you neck. You sit sipping at a cool drink, while watching the dust rise in the breeze, as insects dance in the sunlight. Someone picks up the fiddle and starts playing a tune. Then, soon, the rest of the instruments start to fall into their places. I believe this is how most of our roots songs came to be. Celtic and Blues are no exception. Now with how fast this world is changing, how do we tell our stories and still hold on to our roots. For me I hear Celtic and Blues together for that is my roots.

Dawn Desmarais, From Windsor, On., Dawn, a Metis artist, has been a vocalist for 20 yrs. Her repertoire expands into blues, celtic, bluegrass, country and roots/folk. She has performed across Canada and a good part of the US, as well as being a studio vocalist in Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary. Dawn picked up the mountain dulcimer 8yrs ago, and began songwriting to expand on her music. It was just over 10yrs ago that she picked up the bodhran and is now finding the mandolin the newest addition.
After her release of her first album, she has done a CD release tour across Canada, including playing at festivals and special events.
'UpRooted' is their 2nd CD and it will be released soon!!!


Stay the Night

Written By: Dawn Desmarais

Stay the Night
It's been a while since I've held your hand.
It's been a while, It's sure good to see you again.
It's been a while since we've talked like this.
Do you think you have time to come in?

It's good to see that smile once again.
Brings me back to a time of when
Everything was just perfectly fine...
Can I pour you a glass of wine?

Nothing's going to change your mind.
And I know I'm only looking for a sign
and maybe you wil never be mine,
But I'm wondering if you can stay the night.

The sun is setting like the first night we met
My heart is sinking over past regrets
And I might still have that old blue shirt you wore
i know it won't be like before..


The stars are out and it's getting late.
Another smile as I clear the plates
Would one kiss make everything seem right
I don't know but can you stay the night?

Just Let Me Love You

Written By: Dawn Desmarais

So you see, I'm just here waiting.
Waiting for you to turn and see.
That I've got my heart here in pieces babe,
And they don't belong to me.

You see ever since you loved me, oh you loved me
I don't think I'll ever be the same.
You see ever since you left me, how you left me,
I don't think I'll ever love again....ohhhhh

So I thought I'd just tell you babe,
That I'm waiting for you just to turn around.
Look babe, I'm knee deep in tears here
And I don't want to drown....

If you just let me love you babe
Let me love you one more time
If you just let me hold you babe,
You would see how you should be mine
If you just let me love you babe.


I released my first CD in 2008/2009
Dawn n Blueclover - The Celtic Blues Project
1 - Star of the County Down (Traditional)
Arranged by Blueclover

2 - Stay the Night - Written by Dawn Desmarais

3 - Shady Grove - Written by Doc Watson
Arranged by Blueclover

4 - Over You - Written by Dawn Desmarais

5 - Butterfly - Composed by Tommy Potts
Arranged by Ben Plotnick and Blueclover

6 - Amazing Grace/Rising Sun Blues
AG Lyrics by John Newton, RSB by Georgia Turner
Music - Traditional Ballad
Arranged by Dawn Desmarais/ Blueclover
(based off of arrangements by Fiddler's Green)

7 - House for Two - Written By Dawn Desmarais

8 - Tamlin - Composed by Davey Arthur
Arranged by Ben Plotnick and Blueclover

9 - Deeper Shade of Blue - Written by Dawn Desmarais

CD still to be released for airplay

Set List

Our typical set is the basic 3 45min sets which include a mix of originals and covers.
Covers are rearrangements of songs including:
Stormy Monday
I'm On Fire - Bruce Springstein
Seven Bridges Road - Based off of Dolly Parton version
Wicked Game - Chris Issac
Don't Think Twice - Bob Dylan
Wagon Wheel - Old Crow Medicine Show
Feeling Good - Nina Simone
mixing and matching