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"CD Reviews"

Here are some quick quotes from reviews of the CD:

Grammie from the Autopsy Report Heavy Metal Radio said, “Guys, the CD is absolutely excellent!!!”

Metal Mark from Audio Aggression Radio, “I like the mixture of influences you guys bring to the table and it has a refreshing musical sense to it. Pretty much a hybrid mix of different metal influences. The CD is killer!”

Andrew D. Mills, Dark Cloud Radio, “"Heavy metal with an old school groove? D.O.C. has managed to unleash just that with this EP! With songs like "Run With The Hunt" ripping my face off. I've come to realize that wheel doesn't need reinventing. We just need to consume everything that we love about heavy metal." My personal favorite is "As I Live And Breathe". I love the music! Usually when I listen to unsigned bands, I think it would sound much better if they had a producer. That's not the case with D.O.C. Keep up the good work.”

Tommy Conwell, 94WYSP-
These guys definitely are hardcore, these guys rock, we like Dawn of Correction a lot, their CD is BADASS.”

Black Angel Promotions-www.blackangelpromotions.com/doc.html

There's something different about Dawn of Correction. There's something intriguing about how the Pennsylvania based hard rock/metal outfit bring so many different influences to the table and extract some of the most exciting and interesting attributes out of it to create their own variation of metal. With influences ranging from Slayer, Savatage and Black Sabbath to Megadeth and Anthrax, you can see that DOC takes their metal very seriously which can by heard in the band's new album Swingin' The Chain.

If you're looking for a single metal band that will expose you to numerous aspects and sounds of the metal genre, look no further than Dawn of Correction. If I was to put money on it, I'd be willing to bet you that these guys will be making a huge name for themselves. Be on the lookout.

BEOWOLF PRODUCTIONS-DAWN OF CORRECTION hail from my area of Philadelphia, Pa. & play a big mixture of Metal styles. They don't like to be thrown into one Metal style, so they have pulled from their influences & combined them into one sound. You can hear a lot of old school Thrash metal influences the most, but they do toss in Speed, Death, Nu-Metal, Traditional & even some Hardcore type influences. They have a good rythm & groove happening all through out the CD. The vocals also follow in this style by adding Thrash, Death & Traditional Metal vocal styles. I really dug these guys a lot!

D.O.C. is currently being played on the following radio stations:
94.1 WYSP
90.1 WCIN
www.whiplashradio.com theautopsyreport.heavymetalradio.net
Maddog Rock Radio
MegaRock Radio
Hot Metal Radio
Extreme Radio
Chicago Metalworks Radio
Mix 102
Fox FM
Wolf Rock Radio
Headcase Radio
Metal Inferno Radioshow
Metal Head Radio,
The Headbangers Basement With Darrel Michaels!!!

D.O.C. recently signed a management contract with Praying Mantis Entertainment:

Praying Mantis Entertainment
Steven Cermanski

Chris Natalini
- Multiple Radio Shows


We released a five song CD entitled "Swingin' the Chain." Of the five songs three have been on the radio multiple times.

D.O.C.'s new CD is entitled Dead Hand Control.



Hailing from the City of Brotherly love, DAWN OF CORRECTION pulls no punches in its full throttle, all-out old school metal approach, unleashing its steady, moshing delivery like a wicked bar room fight.

“Their live show is just as intense as their music” says Steven Cermanski from Praying Mantis Entertainment one of Philly’s top concert promoters.
“Their following grew by just opening their rehearsal space for people to listen and they gauged their songs by what made foots tap or heads bang.”

The band fronted by Chris Nat states “I love the old school thrash feel we have; it brings me back to a time of ripped jeans and sleeveless t-shirts and singing about banging your head. But, at the same time I love to bring the death metal growls to what we do”

Formed in June 05 by Bass player Ech (pronounced ET-CH) Dawn of Correction has opened for the likes of All That Remains, Chimaira , OverKill, Vadar and many more. With a cd that made a nice impact on the local Philly metal scene back in the fall of 05 Dawn of Correction has finished their follow up and are looking forward to its release.

Rich Tornetta on drums says “We are really excited about this cd. D.O.C. has gone through a few member changes and this is the line up that is as brutal as the music that we will be on the new cd.”

Bringing the four piece from Philly the sharp razor edged guitar sound is Gulio Kitao who is also owns Birdland studio where the four piece recorded the new cd.
Along with writing, practicing, playing live he is the one responsible for recording and mixing the new cd.

Dawn of Correction is forging ahead, ready and willing to continue to bring some new flair to Philadelphia’s metal scene and beyond. Instruments in hand (and throat), D.O.C. is surely achieving what they set out to do: “write some great music, have a great time,” and snag some fans along the way.