Dawntreader endeavors to bring a fresh and hopeful new sound for those who appreciate music. With atmospheric passages, hypnotic melodies, grinding guitars and propulsive beats, Dawntreader performs alternative pop/rock married with unbridled sincerity designed to resonate with all who listen.


Providing a fresh and hopeful sound to Vancouver’s music scene, Dawntreader endeavors to reach a level of musicianship, songwriting and production that is seldom seen in independent rock acts. Songwriters at their core, Dawntreader’s focus has always been on the craft of creating powerful, emotional songs that will resonate with the listener. Through their united belief in the importance of sincerity in all aspects of their career, Dawntreader looks to make an enthusiastic and substantial mark on the music scene in the coming years.

Forming in 1998, the members of Dawntreader quickly realized their collective passion for creating music. A self-titled three-track demo was released in 1999 to a growing underground following. Fueled by their captivating live performances, the Dawntreader fanbase rapidly grew. Dawntreader spent the next year creating new material while working to refine their live performance. The band soon declared a self-imposed moratorium on live performances, focusing instead on crafting their first full length CD. Recorded over the course of a year, the emotionally charged "Thoughts Of An Exile" helped Dawntreader burst onto the Vancouver scene late in 2002.

Sharing the stage with acts such as Stabilo, Starflyer 59, In Medias Res, Maplewood Lane and Radio Berlin helped spread word of Dawntreader’s unique brand of music. Strong reviews from the local media reinforced what fans of the band already knew. Dawntreader has a rare understanding of the emotional weight of a song: melody, dynamics, passion and authenticity. Drawing influence from a select and inspired crowd, Dawntreader fuses these sophisticated influences into an original sound unduplicated by any other band.

In 2008, Dawntreader’s momentum is growing with the May 9th release of their latest full-length album, “Santa Fe Stalker.” As tour plans to support the new Dawntreader album come together, greater influence over a larger audience is clearly becoming a part of the bigger picture for the future of Dawntreader.


LP - SANTA FE STALKER (2008) *CD released on May 9th*

LP - THOUGHTS OF AN EXILE (2003) *Received radio play on CBC Radio and various other media*


Set List

Set lists are typically 45 minutes to an hour in length of original material, but can be lengthened to accommodate show demands. Dawntreader does not ordinarily perform covers, but have a few prepared should the need arise.