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"Chicks R Us"

Dawson Wells is a lover, not a fighter – so given his prodigious romantic inclinations, he surrounds himself with some pretty hot chicks. As long as that’s his lifestyle, why not make a band out of it? Thus sprung forth the band Dawson Wells, Some Hot Chicks & Bob. (We’re not sure how Bob, a.k.a. Robert Paul Wilson, fits in, other than he plays bass and we assume, helps keep the ladies happy when Dawson needs a rest.) DW has been busy at work on his upcoming disc (featuring one of our favorite titles of the year, Re: Re: No Subject) and the samples (www.myspace.com/dawsonwells) are promising: shiny power-pop featuring string-laden ‘60s-style production worthy of Petula Clark or Dusty Springfield. Come see the Nashville underground’s answer to Dean Martin as he publicly woos Hot Chicks Laura Taylor (drums), Jordan Brooke Hamlin (guitar), Jenn Stone (keys), and um, Bob, Tuesday, May 30th at the Basement. - The Nashville Scene's Jack Silverman

"Under The Wire"

Dawson Wells will debut songs from his forthcoming debut LP, titled "RE: RE: No Subject", during New Faces Night at The Basement on Tuesday, May 30. He will also debut his newly expanded band, Dawson, Some Hot Chicks & Bob. This literal-minded collective includes Dawson on guitar and vocals, hot chicks Laura LT Taylor on drums and vocals, Jordan Brooke Hamlin on guitar and vocals and Jenn Stone on keys and vocals, and Bob, or Robert Paul Wilson, on bass and vocals.
Dawson previously played out under the name Dawson and Some Hot Chicks. The current hot chicks in the lineup, as well as Bob, are new, though the live concept remains similar. Previously, Dawson played with just a guitar accompaniment and a few female backup singers earning comparisons to Dean Martin for his stage banter and impromptu interactions with his hot chicks.
With the completion of "RE: RE: No Subject," Dawson searched for the proper live outfit. "I'd spent a lot of time recording a very lush rock band record," explains Dawson. "I didnt feel the songs were going to translate live with just one guitar and some charm, so I stopped playing out and went on a band hunt."
Dawson met each of the players after mixing the album, which he recorded over the last two years with co-producer Butterfly Boucher. Other guests on the record include Deanna Varagona of Lambchop, Molly Thomas, Lizzie Evans (The Golden Sounds, The Suns of Norway), Richard Feaster, Kat Martin and Newton Dominey.
Dawson hopes to release the new record sometime between June 5 and July 3. As for Tuesday's live debut, says Dawson, "We make no sonic promises, but we love doing what we do and we have a lot of fun. First and foremost, I want that to come through and I know that it will."
- All The Rage's Johnathan Flax

"Dawson Wells CD Release"

Besides being on the short list for best CD title of the year, "RE: RE: No Subject" marks a notable leap forward for Dawson Wells, Under the name "Dawson Wells, Some Hot Chicks & Bob," the singer-guitarist played a few entertaining shows in the last year that featured bachelor-pad decor and a bevy of flirtatious backup singers. But if the kitsch factor and indie-rock-lothario persona had anyone thinking "novelty act," "RE: RE: No Subject" makes clear that Wells is serious about his music. He and co-producer Butterfly Boucher borrow from the best pop influences of the last five decades while pledging allegiance to none of them, all the while revealing the sensitive guy stuck inside the player. Standout tracks include "Silly One," which kicks off with a nasty synth hook; the dissonant and introspective "Paisted Stars";"Timebombs 4 Katie," the chorus of which recalls vintage Bowie; and "Gracey & Henry Martin's 1st Summer," whose grand faux-string intro sounds like it was pulled straight of a '50s movie soundtrack. - The Nashville Scene


dawson wells' first album, "RE: RE: No Subject", is available now through itunes, rhapsody, napster, and at myspace.com/dawsonwells

dawson wells' second album, "Boulevardier", is available now at myspace.com/dawsonwells and will soon be available through itunes, rhapsody, and napster



“Will I kill the beast or the beast kill me? Will I kill the beast or the beast just die?” Ramped up with a cinematic score and scope, Dawson Wells combines the dark and intimate nights of “Automatic for the People” with the street wise desires of “Born to Run” to create a sound that is both personal and epic. Grappling the shifty shadows with force and coy swagger, Dawson Wells weaves bombast into groove and style to bolster the wavering voice of the common man in peril.