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Lance Bernard Powell, rap name Da Wyzeman: I was born on March 14, 1991 in Memphis, Tennessee. I was raised up in the church – Longview Heights SDA Church. Since I was a young boy singing solos for children and youth choirs. My mother, grandmother, and three sisters raised me in our fatherless home. Some people thought that the lack of a male figure in the home would threaten my personality. But because I was taught better and because of a large male group of cousins and church members I turned out an intelligent and handsome young man. The Great Commission (TGC) –the Holy Hip Hop Group- make up a large portion of the male figures in my life. When this group started I immediately began sharpening my rapping skills so that I could one day rap for Christ like my role models. TGC also inspired me to listen to other gospel rap artists. Before the gospel rap influence I wrote worldly lyrics influenced by Bone Thugs N Harmony, Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Notorious B.I.G., Bow Wow, Three Six Mafia, and many other rapping greats. When I was a young boy, I sang solos for children and youth choirs. Once my voice changed my singing voice went away and I fully dedicated myself to rapping. My skills as a rapper did not become great until I decided to stop writing secular lyrics and write spiritual masterpieces. Even now I won’t turn back to the world because God gave me these talents to use for Him not for the world. So now I am apart of The Great Commission so I can help fulfill the mission of telling the world about the gospel and the soon coming of Jesus Christ. With the help of my fellows surrounding me, and God continually giving me wisdom, I know I will be able to touch the world. Be wise and be of God! And remember Isaiah 40:8, The grass withereth and the flower fadeth but the word of God shall stand forever!



Written By: Da Wyzeman(for those who dont know it is pronounced wiseman)

Chorus: Dr. King Had a dream
Malcolm X was one of the best
But we too bust wit blingbling
dat we cant even past our test
Jesus yes he died on the cross
God gave up His only Son
yes my Lord paid the cost
for us thats inspiration
Verse1: we need some inspiration, so we can save this nation, give us some motivation, we need participation, no time for hesiation, we need to kill satan, not wit god man u mistaken, in or out no fakin, time for the battle world war 3, fight till he comes to get u and me, then we'll all be free live in heaven for eternity, stay firm in the word and you will see the masterplan the stradegy, satan will get tradgedy, will we get heavenly victory, we spreadin the word like missionaries, bein wordly not nessassary, dont get paid like tooth fairy but our pockets still heavy, blessins come like new babies we not tryin to get ladis, or fame or big payments jus savin souls so all can be ready
Verse2: see i waz runnin and duckin and dodgin da Lord until he stopped me and showed me da sword and now a days i try to pray and read the word everyday i know im not perfect and thats okay i just stay in the faith and not fade away cuz i gatta stay strong cuz i gatta live long, live in heaven for eternity. to inspire is to inhale much encouragement so i open the Word and start to breathe in i remember how Jesus died for our sin Malcom X had to fight to the end Dr. King had to be assaaained so tell the ole devil to bring it on cuz i know im not in the battle alone i got the power dat sits on the throne. i exhale to tell the mass of others how they can all begin to flutter no longer feeling the flames and smothered cause now they know God and know they covered life feels so smooth almost smooth as butter they tell it on the hill to the father and the mother cuz da devil is a lackluster no inspiration in that sap sucker
Verse 3: thru TGC GOD inspired me to be free eternally represent Christ for the rest of my life, step to the mic and get the crowd hipe and fight get on the ball so i dont have to fall its my delight to spread the knowledge that ive gained to all of yall. im still a young man with a whole lot of questions so i go to church so that i can catch my blessin cuz da devil be constantly testin but i be constantly repin never steppin outside of the Lords arms cuz if i do he will sound the alarm. and i'll come back runnin like a cow on a dairy farm, cuz if i dont the devil will hit me like BArry Bonds, would hit a high fastball into a homerun Lord help me wit temptaion so i can continue with inspiration