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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter




"Music Monday: Real Estate, Dax, Iceage and More..."

Here's new artist Dax and "Run and Hide" from his album, Beating Hearts and False Alarms. Have to say, it's an excellent debut track. Enjoy: - NeedCoffee.com

"Dax - Beating Hearts and False Alarms"

Man......You know when I start one of these reviews I almost always have something in mind as to what I'm gonna say. Well not this time. From listening to his lyrics you can tell that Dax is a very intelligent person but sometimes it left me feeling like I needed a dictionary. I Love the first four songs on this album but then we hit a snag with The Painter to be honest it sucks the rock right out of this album. Thank god for the song Radio Mind it kept me from skipping straight to the end of this album. Happy Holidays is not a Christmas song and to be honest its one of the better songs on this album. The song puts a smile on my face and I love the mental picture it paints. The Impressionist gave me an Eddie Vedder vibe from the first time I heard it and I must say that it is fast becoming one of my favorites. You can tell from the words and the sound of Dax's voice that this album is very personal. And as a friend I LOVE IT as a reviewer............. It's totally worth a listen or two or three..You know what go download it for free for a limited time or buy it. You be the judge. - OzBlozMusic

"Dax - Beating Hearts and False Alarms"

Now a part of the Nashville singer/songwriter circle, Dax moved from an Indiana town to peddle a hooky pop craft with a rock edge. Or hook-laden rock with a pop edge. Whatever, Beating Hearts and False Alarms is ten tracks of earnest, if not the most memorable lyrics, pretty acoustic riffs and the sort of infecting pop sentiment sugarcoating a rock foundation that’s very reminiscent of Lifehouse—remember them?

The album, which the artist is offering as a free download, starts off with “A Flawed Design.” This is how he describes his heart, a description which simultaneously can provoke an “aw, that’s pretty” and an “oh, please.” More interesting are the vocals, which are strangled and bookish and slightly alien, layering over the first of many pleasing acoustic riffs.

The uplifting rock jaunt “Alchemy” follows, introducing the ’90s/early ’00s pop rock similarities before “Happy Holidays.” Usually when a singer/songwriter whips out a Christmas song, I skip past the track like you step around crap on the sidewalk. But Dax can handle this better than some—though it was a little precious (there’s talk of an ’80s-themed party and buying a ring), it’s attached to a sticky tune.

More infectious acoustic guitar follows in the shape of melodies that exemplify how acoustic translates to pop (“Run and Hide”) and accompanied by duskier vocals (“Radio Mind”). Not to say that the record is all acoustic. There’s a slippery electric melody in “The Darkest Hour,” whose tone matches the lyrical sadness.

If Dax’s album sticks with you, it will be for well-crafted pop hooks rather than anything particularly striking in lyrical style and content. For the most part, I enjoyed Beating Hearts just for one-time pop nostalgia. But damn if it isn’t catchy. - The Murfreesboro Pulse


Beating Hearts and False Alarms - © 2011 Inertia Media
Overnight Sensation - © 2008 Haight Rite Records
The Icarus Syndrome - © 2004 Haight Rite Records



Born and raised in Southern Indiana, Dax began playing guitar when he was nine years old. Taught by a broad range of instructors, he was introduced to numerous styles and techniques, all of which helped him to forge the sound for which he is known for today.

Initially inspired to be only a guitarist, his passions quickly grew and evolved after receiving a 4-track cassette recorder in December of 1994. It was then that he began to see the forest, so to speak. From lush ambient pieces, to recreating a favorite cover, Dax followed his muse without question, writing and recording whenever possible. It was this period of experimentation when Dax learned not only the joys of songwriting, but the fundamental skills of recording, which would prove to be quite useful, when in January of 2000 he opened his own recording studio.

It was during this time that his first self released LP "The Icarus Syndrome" began to take shape. While Dax’s music is an eclectic mix of rock, folk and blues, it is his commanding presence as a singer, as well as his varied and personal production techniques that provide an underlying thread of cohesion to all that he creates.

Since the albums release, Dax has appeared on television, garnered national radio airplay, and performed countless shows, not to mention selling CD’s not only in the U.S., but Italy, Brazil and Canada as well.

Though most widely known as a solo artist, Dax is also the Guitarist/Singer for De-Hydrated, a three-piece electric rock band. Over the past year they have performed at some of the biggest clubs in the Midwest. They have also opened for seminal 80’s rockers Pretty Boy Floyd and Bang Tango. In February 2006 the band released their debut album Sugar in the Raw.

January of 2008 saw even more growth and success for Dax as he as able to leave the real world and become a full-time musician. That year he released a follow up LP titled "Overnight Sensation" which garnered more praise locally and internationally.

In 2010 after some advice from a well known producer, Dax decided to move from his small town to Nashville, TN. to write and record his next album.

“For years I’d been doing everything I knew to do as far as pursuing music and trying to make it my livelihood. From releasing independent CD’s, to playing upwards of 150 shows per year, to making my own music videos…eventually, I realized I had exhausted the possibilities available to me from my hometown in Southeastern IN.”

Luckily for Dax, the wheels of fate were already in motion, delivering much needed assistance in the form of Denver Cavins and his company Inertia Media. “Denver and I first met in 2008 after the release of my album “Overnight Sensation”. At the time he was kicking around the idea of starting a label and I was one of the acts he was interested in. The timing just wasn’t right though and things fell through, though we did keep in touch, however sporadically.”

Impressed by Dax’s initiative and decision to relocate to Nashville, Denver reached out to once again offer his assistance. After a few emails were exchanged, it became clear that finding the right producer to help capture and hone Dax’s unique sound was the first crucial step.

“I met with dozens of qualified, talented producers. It just never felt right. I was actually beginning to get worried.”

It was at a meeting one day with another producer that Dax met Grant Craig. “Grant was actually the assistant to the producer I was meeting with. It was at that producers suggestion that Grant and I exchanged contact info, with the intent of doing some co-writing together”.

The result of their first co-write “Run and Hide” was all Dax needed to hear to realize he’d found the right producer. “Actually, I was blown away when Grant mixed the demo and sent it over”. His first time recording in a commercial facility since 1999, his own expectation were high to say the least.

“The few times I’ve recorded in outside studios, I’ve always been disappointed, which initially led me to open my own studio in 2000. Even though recording myself all these years has taught me many invaluable lessons, I sometimes felt like my work was suffering simply because I lacked the objectivity required to fully realize my own potential”.

Though it feels like a lifetime making, it seems Dax has finally delivered on that promise, if only to himself. “I really have no idea how this will be received, but I do know that I’m immensely proud of it and feel like for once in my life, I have met and exceeded my own expectations”.

Though “Beating Hearts and False Alarms” could serve well enough as a finale to an already accomplished career as an independent artist, in truth, it better serves as a proper introduction to an artist that continues to move forward and persevere with hopes of one day quieting even his toughest critic, himself.