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Asheville, North Carolina, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | SELF

Asheville, North Carolina, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2018
Band Rock Dream Pop




"Day & Dream’s “Hidden Cinema” is a surreal reverie"

"Combining 80s synths and cosmic effects, Day & Dream‘s new track sounds like a place that no one can access, an illusion, a surreal reverie." - HighClouds

"FIVE // Ralpheene : Grand Commander : Birthh : Day & Dream : JC Stewart"

"Hidden Cinema is haunting and shimmering at the same time. And as it drives home with Abby’s vocals, the fog of haze rise and diminish in part and whole." - Comeherefloyd

"Day & Dream - Hidden Cinema"

Here’s the latest ethereal noir single from North Carolina band Day & Dream.

In “Hidden Cinema,” the group picked up the aesthetic feather of the lost magic of cinematography of the middle of the last millennium. This tempting cosmic easy-listening is like a silk scarf fluttering on a retro Cadillac DeVille mirror in the evening lights. Day & Dream immerses us in entrancing pictures created by simple and easy touches. The synergy of the emerald synths and Abby Amaya’s marvelous seiyuu timbre make the sound blissfully melt in happy ears. “Hidden Cinema” feels like contemplating stars in the fresh night sky of a wide space of inspiration. - Grotesqualizer

"New Tracks Weekend, February 22-24"

“Brand new LP from Day & Dream certainly impresses… Your ears will certainly perk up when you hear her voice, layered on top of a compelling guitar churn." ~ DKFM - DKFM

"The Owls Are Not What They Seem… w/ Day & Dream"

Abby and Peter, from the band Day & Dream, called in from Asheville, NC, to chat with J about their song, “We’re Gonna Need Some More Coffee;” their album, ‘With Every Breath You Die;’ and some background about the project overall. Also, J and Bryan listen to new singles from Secret Shame, DM Stith, Field Mouse, and peaer… and manage to talk about The Rogers Sisters’ 2002 album ‘Purely Evil’ for a bit while they’re at it… - BTR Today

"Album review: ‘With Every Breath You Die’ by Day & Dream"

“The Asheville dream-pop/shoegaze band crafts a sound that suggests the influence of (or at least like-mindedness with) artists as diverse as The Cure, Shelleyan Orphan, Jesus & Mary Chain and Beach House. With Every Breath You Die is recommended to lovers of shimmering, gauzy pop.” ~ Bill Kopp, Mountain Xpress - The Mountain Xpress

"Premiere: Day & Dream “Paralysis By Analysis”"

"Beginning with dreamy guitar arpeggios, the track hugs the line between jazzy indie rock and 70s-inspired dream pop. The breathy female vocals are reminiscent of Lush or Mazzy Star but the guitars sound more like modern dream pop bands like Real Estate." ~ Adam Morgan, StGA - StGA

"Miss Shoegaze Music Of The '90s? Day And Dream Could Be Your Favorite New Local Band"

The couple embrace the description of their music as shoegaze-dream pop. - BPR, NPR For WNC

"Sounds: Day & Dream // Paralysis by Analysis"

"The dream-pop tune embraces you like a hug, allowing Cocteau Twins-esque vocals to inspire and influence you to make a move—or at the very least, to help you feel ok in your paralysis." ~ Left Bank Magazine - Left Bank Magazine

"New Indie, (27)"

New Indie is a playlist presenting 10 of the best recent indie tracks for your own pleasure hand-picked by Last day Deaf.

Day & Dream “Paralysis By Analysis” - Last Day Deaf

"PLAYLIST: What’s New In The Listening Room?"

‘Forest Fire’ – Day & Dream
Day & Dream is an indie-rock, dreampop, shoegaze band hailing from Asheville, North Carolina. When long time musicians and singer/songwriters, Peter Frizzante and Abby Amaya, met in New York City, they fell in love and began collaborating on a new artistic project. Abby’s roots are in California 60s coastal pop, while Peter’s is post-punk grit. Working together, they found inspiration in nature, sleep cycles and the stars. They thematically link their music to relationships, aging, hope, travel and risk-taking while showcasing admiration for Britpop, 90s grunge, fuzzy guitars, and melodic pop structures. Reverb soaked and layered with soft whispery vocals, the result is an energetic and memorable reverie. Recently, they’ve experimented with electronic beats and lo-fi, lounge sounds. - Talk ABout Pop Music

"Friday I’m In Love (With These New Releases)"

"Excellent dreampop. Don’t stop." ~ The Zine - The Zine UK

"Day & Dream – “Night Lights”"

“The album shows some contemplative pieces, like “Forest Fire” and its twangy Twin Peaks vibes, though “Night Lights” stands out particularly as being a full-bodied representation of the group’s sound. A hypnotic percussive pulse accompanies textured guitars and dreamy vocals, certainly showing why Day & Dream have been compared to the likes of Stereolab, Warpaint, and The Sundays.” ~ Obscure Sound - Obscure Sound

"Day & Dream – “Paralysis By Analysis”"

Day & Dream are a band from Asheville, North Carolina, crafting a lushly engrossing sound with dream-pop and shoegaze sentiments. They released two singles this past weekeend: “Paralysis By Analysis” and “Sleep Screaming.” Both are accomplished aesthetically and melodically. “Paralysis By Analysis” showcases Abby Amaya’s consuming vocal presence, emitting a tone fit for calm dreaming amidst the jangly guitar hypnotics. I’m reminded of The Clientele’s quaint yet captivating sound, as well as TOPS’ late-night stylistic allure. “Sleep Screaming” also succeeds, with more diverse percussive shuffles and vocal production combining with the familiar guitar tones for a varied success. - Obscure Sound

"Day & Dream — Sleep Screaming [Electronic Muisc, Trip Hop]"

The North & Carolina Day & Dream band in their work draws on the traditions of indie-rock, dreampop and shoegaze and fantastically combines them with warm trip hop grooves, soft girl vocals, gloomy lyrics and jazz guitar parts. For example, the track “Sleep Screaming” from their second single “Fading Summer” is dedicated to sleep paralysis and nightmares. And you won’t say it right away ... - Mishka DJ

"Singles Roundup"

‘Night Lights’ is the second single to be released from the sophomore album by North Carolina’s Day & Dream. I checked the song out after it was described as The Cure meets My Bloody Valentine, and I think that is a pretty good way to describe the track

Dreamy angelic vocals float over the top of guitars laced with enough reverb to make early 90’s shoegaze jealous. I’d say overall it’s probably leans more to the My Bloody Valentine side of things but the bassline does have a feel of The Cure about it. As someone who grew up in that era it’s certainly made me want to listen to more of Day & Dream. - INDIE MIDLANDS

"Soundtracked – July 16th"

First in Flight – Day and Dream

Pounding indie rock with almost psychedelic sounding vocals. FFO: Cigarettes After Sex, Mild High Club, Beach House

Chrysalis – Day and Dream

Airy indie pop with a cloudless melody, and breezy vocals. FFO: Cigarettes After Sex, Mild High Club, Beach House - Little Dose Of Indie

"Noise Artists' playlist: July 2019"

Day and Dream just released a gem of a LP, both clever and simple. - Noise Artists

"Day & Dream Unveil New Single ‘Sleep Screaming’"

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Day & Dream Unveil New Single ‘Sleep Screaming’
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Day & Dream
Time for some chilled out music! North Carolina's Day & Dream - an indie-rock, dreampop, shoegaze band consisting of singer/songwriters, Peter Frizzante and Abby Amaya, drummer Mike Fasano, and bassist Erik Jan - are back with a gorgeous new single titled Sleep Screaming.

This song perfectly marries Abby's California 60s coastal pop roots with Peter's post-punk grit, with the end result being a melodic piece of dreamy pop music. Loving Abby's ethereal-like vocal delivery and how they instantly capture the listener's attention to this soothing piece of music. Sleep Screaming is one of those songs that are perfect for a chilled out weekend at home where you just want to sit back and relax.

If you're into reverb-drenched pieces of dream-pop music with hypnotic, ethereal-like vocals, lush guitars and an ambient atmosphere, then you'll love Sleep Screaming. Check it out below! - Caesar Live N Loud


Day & Dream - 'Sleep Screaming'
US outfit take influence from Zero 7 for this warm and wistful electronic groove - Mystic Sons

"8track: Aloysius Scrimshaw, Praed, Imp of Perverse, Inning, Tyler Osmond, No Museums, Rondald James*, Day & Dream"

“Finally, we have the sweet and subdued anthem of introversion that is Day & Dream’s “Paralysis by Analysis”. Accompanied by video of an elegant trapeze performance under red light, the song drifts gently, drenched in reverb, as vocalist Abby Amaya softly sings as a recluse, stricken with an inability to act or interact as she over-analyzes every situation, preferring to be alone in her “echo chamber”. The tones on this one are as pretty as you’ll hear, but the direct relatability is what’s particularly striking.” - Counterzine


Hidden Cinema - Single - 2019

Fading Summer - Singles - 2019

With Every Breath You Die - Album - 2019

Chrysalis - Single - 2019

Nocturnal Creatures - Single - 2018.



Day & Dream is an indie rock, dreampop, shoegaze band hailing from Asheville, North Carolina.

Long time artists, musicians and singer/songwriters, Peter Frizzante and Abby Amaya, initially met in New York City, but didn't start a band together until they moved to Asheville. Abby’s roots are in California 60s coastal pop, while Peter’s is post-punk grit. Working together, the now husband and wife team showcase their admiration for sonic landscapes, fuzzy guitars, and melodic pop structures. Reverb soaked and layered with soft whispery vocals, the result is an energetic and memorable reverie. 

Peter, the morning person, and Abby, the night owl -- their band name is a nod to their opposite sleep schedules. The pair is often writing music or lyrics at home in between work and daily chores, finding inspiration in personal relationships, nature, and risk-taking.

The band has played with many different local musicians, and is currently supported by drummer Mike Fasano, a technical and dynamic powerhouse and bassist, Erik Jan, who adds his stylish and groovy foot tapping lines to the mix. Day & Dream's first single, “Nocturnal Creatures” was recorded at El Rancho Morbido Studios in Black Mountain, NC and debuted in July of 2018. This was soon followed by their first full length album, “With Every Breath You Die” recorded at Standard Electric Studios in Atlanta, GA, with Engineer Damon Moon, released in February of 2019. 
They went back to the studio in July of 2019 to record new tracks at well renowned Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, NC. The singles were engineered by Kenny Harrington of Echo Mountain, and mastered by Jason NeSmith of Chase Park Transduction Studios in Athens, GA. This newest release “Fading Summer” debuted in August of 2019. They are busy playing locally and planning a national tour in 2020.

ABBY AMAYA  - Vocals, Keyboard, Guitar
PETER FRIZZANTE  -  Vocals, Guitar
ERIK JAN  - Bass

Band Members