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"1st Press Release"

It’s hard enough breaking into the music scene in LA or New York City. If bring yourself to the forefront of the alternative rock scene when you are four young guys from Conway, Arkansas it’s less likely than winning the lottery, but not impossible.
Chris Thompson, Pat Ellis, Chris Cash and Ian Carr not only broke into the rock scene by accident but are taking it over. What started out a jam band has become a full rock and roll experience. With shows coming up in Texas and their native Arkansas Daybreak Bandits are filling venues and pulling in the crowds.

Daybreak Bandits are a fresh sound in a rock scene that is dying for an infusion of original music. A small collaborative effort between Pat Ellis and Chris Cash brought them together finding an equilibrium that rocked so hard the first time they played together, the cops came to their door. Knowing that they were destined to make rock and roll history they have moved their music to a higher level and have started touring nationally.

Although they list their influences as Soundgarden, Hendrix and Buckcherry, what they offer is purely original. Chris Thompson leads with strong vocals that have deep vocal quality in what he sings. This is brought together by Patrick Ellis with his classic rock riff’s on guitar, Chris Cash on a thumping bass and Ian Carr’s resounding beat on drums. Even with their busy schedule, they are re-releasing their debut album in February.

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Daybreak Bandits

"Driver" has been played on an XM Radio Station show called Skank Radio hosted by Patrick Gurney. It aired on the show called "All 50 states" where artists from every state in the United States are selected and played.



Daybreak Bandits started for one reason: to enjoy a life of playing music. They set out to write music with a raw, rock and roll feel without over-production, which is slowly consuming many rock artists. Every member enjoys what they do and loves making music. An easy to work with attitude and passion for music has worked for the Bandits thus far and they will continue to keep the same mind set as they continue playing music together.

The name behind the band came a long way. The original name was Woven. After using that name for a while, they received a few e-mails about copyright problems and a threat of being sued. So, the name was changed to Mavan. Still, there were copyright problems. After a few weeks of trying to find a name, Ian said on a whim, "Daybreak Bandits? Who else would name their band that?" Everyone liked it and it stuck.

The unique part of Daybreak Bandits is the diversity of the instruments. Each member contributes to each song what they've been brought up on. When they create, you never know kind of genre they'll write in. In the end, it all comes out with a Jam Band, Rock and Roll feel that allows plenty of oppurtunity to jam and variate the song live.

Daybreak Bandits started when Pat Ellis was hosting a party. He was playing guitar and needed a bass player. Chris Cash just happened to have his bass in his car. He put his beer down and plugged in. Ellis and Cash rocked the party until the cops came. Ellis and Cash continued in various cover bands. After one show, Ian Carr wanted to jam. Their drummer at the time left the two guitar players stranded and Ian said he'd give them a ride home if they would jam with him. They rocked the stage for another hour and left. Ellis, Cash and Carr kept jamming through the Fall and Winter of 2005. In the Spring of 2006, Cash heard from a good friend of his named Chris Thompson. He invited him over to jam and the band knew instantly that Thompson was their frontman.

Since that day, the Bandits have been working hard promoting their first CD that was released Oct. 28th. They're looking to move to Colorado in June of 2007 to start making a name for themselves and touring as much as possible.

Influences include Zeppelin, Hendrix, Clapton, Marley, Sublime, Buckcherry, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stone Temple Pilots, Audioslave, Soundgarden, Sevendust and Incubus.