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The best kept secret in music


Got back a little while ago from the excellent show these boys put on at
"The Knitting Factory".

There was a palpable energy in the air as the boys set up. You could tell
they meant business. This is the first time I have seen the band live and I was very excited.

The show began with Matt strumming a hypnotic riff which soon
exploded with Greg Brown's volcanic spray of water. A very nice
effect (and cost effective) that seemed to earmark the dynamics this
band would create throughout their set.

Greg's vocals mesmerized between taunting and teutonic. How he
can croon like a choirboy and then shred like a thousand voice cacophony
from Hell is beyond me. It's not human. The effect is electric, hypnotic.
He draws you in and then he shoots a fireball at you. And he looks
like the boy next door too! The kind of guy you'd want your daughter
to marry. This is one compelling, complex dude.

James Patterson stalks the stage holding down the bottom end in
melodic harmony with Jonny and Matt. Weaving the complex rhythms
like a snake charmer. His vocal shreiking seems almost cathartic. It's
primal and revealing. His intensity is on par with the guys
around him. They are one and he is the foundation for the assault.

Jonny Garcia knows how to keep time. Even when that time changes
abruptly. He masterfully guides the flow and accents the
dynamics always powerful but never overpowering. He is the eye of the hurricane.

Matt King is amazing. He plays exotic riffs with the ease of a virtuoso.
He is charismatic, humble and charming, but he commands the
room as he paints the walls, floor and ceiling with great waves of
sound. He is going to be a guitar God. You could tell the girlies in the room
were swooning as he powerfully pushed the music to
majestic heights. This band is a band in the best sense. They are tight in a way that
says they take this seriously. They are a unit with one heart, one mind
and one goal. To make music that matters and in the process get inside
of you so that you can feel whatit is they feel.

They should have let you guys play longer. Hell, you should have
played all night.

---Chris Kinkade (actor)
- indie


3 song Demo - 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


Daybreak Ends was formed in early 2004 from the ashes of other musical endeavors. As soon as the band played together there seemed to be an instant chemistry and the members knew that they had found the musicians that they could have a career with. Each member has different musical tastes but when they get together, the music is all that is important. Vocalist Greg Brown sold everything he couldn’t fit into his car and drove to Orange County from Denver in search of a band, and the three guys he found when he got there made the sacrifices he had made to get out to California worth every hardship. The band combines soothing melodies and infectious hooks with dark chugs, harrowing screams, and guitar solos. The combination of the dark content and catchy melodies is interesting and creates a paradox that works.