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Daycare Swindlers @ TBA

TBA, Not Applicable, Germany

TBA, Not Applicable, Germany

Daycare Swindlers @ The Basement

Manassas, Virginia, USA

Manassas, Virginia, USA

Daycare Swindlers @ The Sanctuary

East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


Drunken, rambunctious punk rock faster than shit, the way it should be, Daycare Swindlers' In Loving Memory is a full on, searing punk rock record that screams energy. From the fiery, quick-tongued vocals to the hammering rhythm section, the band will make you sweat. This is relentless and chaotic, a perfect example of punk rock on the verge of nothing and happy to be there. - Alex Steininger

"D.C.'s Daycare Swindlers' 2nd release clocks in at over 55 minutes, with 19 songs. That should be too long for a punk record but in this case, it's not. That's because the 'Swindlers manage to mix it up with plenty of chops, wit (these guys write great lyrics!), and the kind of diversity that's all too rare in punk these days. They get you dancing with ska, or poppy punk with a ska chorus, or dancehall, or reggae, or Oi!, or combinations of all of the above, which means this CD never runs out of steam. Fans of the Bouncing Souls should love this, along with anyone else who digs all kinds of punk rock played with precision & passion." - Jim Testa

"... They've got more ferocious melody and speedbeat fury balled up in their hearts and minds than they know what to do with. ... it's classic hardcore mixed with a mid-size dollop of ska, but not so much that they lose sense of their punk sensibilities as some bands do." - unknown

"HOLY GO DAMN MOTHER FUCKING SHIT ON AN OLD RUSTED POGO STICK!!!!! I just got the new DCS Cd for review, fucking A it rules hell my mom likes couple of digs off of it. shit i skipped out on my friends so i could listen to it a little more. I knew you assholes were good, but where in the fuck did you pull the rest the talent out of??????? Shit dude i am blown the fuck away." - Thick Mike

"Lit must have seen this CD, but not heard it. First look at the cover and it reminds you of Lit's video. You know, the one where they are crawling all over a scantily dressed Pamela Lee? Anyway, like I said, SEEN but not heard. Don't just a book by its cover, these guys are straight-forward heavy punk in the tradition of Sex Pistols. ATTENTION MUSIC INDUSTRY: MAKE ROOM FOR A HIGH-ENERGY, TAKE-NO PRISONERS PUNK ROCK BAND THAT IS READY TO TAKE ON THE 21ST CENTURY!" - Flick Music

- unknown


New & Tasty (1998)
Testosterosa (1999)
In Loving Memory (2000)
Heathen Radio (2002)
This is no way to make a living (2003)


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Swindlers are a 5-piece punk band from the Washington, D.C. area that was formed in the mid-90's. All of the members of the band are songwriters, and their music covers an eclectic range of styles that reflects their own personal tastes. Rooted firmly in a classic DC hardcore background, their music has also touched on ska, rockabilly, street-punk, surf... you name it.
In 1999, the band signed with Vile Beat/Beatville Records, and the label re-released their 1998 debut album, "New & Tasty", followed by "Testosterosa" (2000) and "In Loving Memory" (2001).
Along with their first three albums, the band has been playing extensively throughout the mid-Atlantic and east-coast, and toured the US in 2000 and 2002. They've played with a lot of great bands including: Leftover Crack, the Hudson Falcons, GC5, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Bloodlet, The Unseen, Two Man Advantage, River City Rebels, Down by Law, Violent Society, the Pietasters, MDC, Toxic Narcotic, The Thumbs, Darkest Hour, Spider Stacy (of the Pogues), the Boils, Crispus Attucks, Frodus, the Supersuckers, etc...
In 2002, the band signed a multi-album contract with Go-Kart Records with their first release, "Heathen Radio"