I am a song writer, I love writing, and i do it for fun,!!


You Got Me Feeling

Written By: Valerie Demontigny

Baby Oh Baby
Baby Every time
I think of about you I get this feeling inside
Oh you got me flying so high up in the sky
I dont want this feeling to stop boy, you got me melting to the ground
I dont want this to end this feeling Like i can touch the stars above ,
& now when im with the girls they have been sayin Im not the same, oh baby oh baby they been sayin i aint the same, cause u got me feeling so so great, You got me feeling so fly when im with you baby This feeling hey baby yeah this feeling is here to stay I love you oh i love you Baby u got me going crazy I never been feeling the way im feeling you got me, Always & forever This feeling u got me feeling is so freaky I I dont want this feeling to end,