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"Burlington Band is on the mark"

The concept of Daydreamilla is that your mind is your last refuge against reality, in your dreams you can envision greater things.

Mary Fifield sings in a wide range of vocals and her voice never seemed to tire, the variety kept me on the edge of my seat because I didn't know what to expect. She would be whispering, very sweetly, and ever so daintily, only to end up in a fully powered vocal array of madness.

The musical accompaniment really expressed the dream like quality that Mary sang about. With the use of bass, guitar and percussion the sound totally drew me in. It was so smooth and etheral as if a cloud encompassed the lyrics.

There is alot of variety and a lot of fun in their music, if you believe that dreams can be your refuge from reality, explore Daydreamilla. - Vermont Cynic

"Tucked Away in Vermont"

Every so often a band comes along that actually stirs excitement around the stereo, and for the second half of the year, this was it.

The vocals are clear and present. Harmony abounds, the words are not mumbled or screamed. And MEANING. The lyrics carry a message.

The guitarist is excellent; there is no other word to describe him. He understands that ever increasing complexity does not necessarily equate with ever increasing quality. The simplicity and beauty of the guitar combine to create a spectacular sound.

Remember that Pachel did not have whammy bars and distortion pedals, but it is with good reason that his "Kanon in D" is considered so wonderfu. I would not insinuate that Daydreamilla is on par with Pachel (sorry, one has to be dead a hundred years o so before one may even approach that sort of respect), but some of the qualities they share are what makes them excellent. - New England Performer


Daydream Guerrilla
Split Record Single "Cowboy"
The Liars Club



With a sound that is visceral, dreamy, conceptual and otherworldly, Daydreamilla produces an aural ambush that will hit all your buttons.

What brought them together? Some say fate, some say a mutual friend got all three in the same room and made them play each other their songs. And so a band was born. Daydreamilla have released two ep's and were a part of the Split Record Series, sharing a single with Venus Envy (later Red Telephone). They followed their nomadic urges and spent 5 years in Berkeley, where they recorded and released the 4 song EP "Liars Club." Daydreamilla, now based in Vermont are working on a new cd of original material, some of which you can hear on this site.

Mary Fifield sings with a strong billowy voice that sings, shouts and whispers; Joe Bedard lays down brooding melodic bass lines that propel and compel; and guitarist Ted Looby syncopates and meditates, dishing rhythm and melody with a sound that is both fine and dirty.

Daydreamilla take the idea of dreams vs. reality
and draw their audience in.