Daydream Johnny

Daydream Johnny

 Medicine Hat, Alberta, CAN

Pounding out simple-yet-smart rock, Daydream Johnny's music and ESPECIALLY their live show is upbeat, fun and rowdy harking back to '60s garage, '70s punk and '80s college rock.


Daydream Johnny is a Canadian psych-punk/garage-rock trio from Medicine Hat, Alberta. Formed early in 2011, Connor Robinson (vocals/guitar), Sam Leuck (drums) and Chris Kessler (bass/vocals) have been on a warpath.

With their raw, energetic and sometimes shambolic live show described by L.A. BEAT as "slapback echo filled, snarling, late '60s garage rock", they have played countless shows across Alberta, have toured to the West Coast and back, released a self-titled EP and have undergone a change from a four piece to a three piece.

The bands sound elicits emotions of burgeoning youth, all at once full of turbulence and splendor, recklessness and beauty: songs full of angst, propulsion and energy that generously reward attentive listeners who allow themselves to be taken on the wild ride.

Their 2011 release was recorded and written almost entirely by multi-instrumentalist Connor Robinson, in his basement while in a “self-induced haze”. His motive was described as “a sedated reaction to being bored living in a small redneck town, being pissed about dissolving relationships, as well as the conflict caused when age, youthfulness and the expectation to ‘grow-up’ come clashing together awkwardly”.

Currently, Daydream Johnny are in the middle of writing for their next release (due summer 2012), preparing for A Swig Of Alberta - a weekend long, traveling music festival with other Alberta bands - as well as booking dates for a summer 2012 tour.


July 2011- Daydream Johnny EP