Daydream Machine

Daydream Machine

 Portland, Oregon, USA

Existing somewhere between Eno's sonic explorations and 80's pop sensibilities, with a healthy dose of West coast psych, Daydream Machine puts on a mind blowing performance, expanding horizons every time they stand on stage.


Daydream Machine began in vocalist/guitarist Jason Adams' basement, a well-used room that seems like its held together by band posters, flyers and stickers, a record of the history of the bands that share the space, the people they've toured with and their influences. This record stretches more than a decade as do the musical careers of most of the members. Daydream Machine is made up of the front people of other notable bands. Founding members include singer/guitarist Jason Adams (The Upsidedown); guitarist/noise Jonathan Allen (Music for Headphones) and bassist Josh Kalberg. Drummer Bob Mild (The Upsidedown) was brought on for Daydream Machine's second LP, The Show Must Not Go On (March 2017, Picture in My Ear Records).

The dream machine for which the band is named is made from a cylinder with cut sides that throw out photons as the machine oscillates. The experience of looking, eyes closed, into the light can be quite intense but all you need to do to escape it is to open your eyes. Such is the music of Daydream Machine, which takes you, our gentle listener, to a place where magic, sedation and elation exist in waveform.  

Daydream Machine combines the lush sounds of shoegaze and neo-psychedelia with the jutting angles and dance beats of post-punk. Layers of guitars, vocals, flute and keyboards shimmer above the driving drumbeat. The results, like magic in fairy tales and Fantasia are unpredictable. Daydream Machine owes a lot to a lot of people. Dawn is a cover of a Frankie Valli song dragged through the Jesus and Marychain, the Ronettes and the Beach Boys. The guitars dont follow the usual rhythm lead strategy. In this, notes of Spacemen 3 scratch against the fuzzy backdrop of Galaxie 500.

In May 2013, Daydream Machine signed to Picture in My Ear Records, and released their debut album, Twin Idols, in early 2014 (3/11/14). Twin Idols includes contributions from Peter Holmstrom (the Dandy Warhols), Jason "Plucky" Anchando (The Warlocks, Spindrift) and Collin Hegna (Brian Jonestown Massacre, Federale) and was partially recorded at Hegna's Revolver Studios. A new song, "Alone" was featured on the Picture in My Ear Records compilation Volumes released in October off 2016. Some of their early demo basement tracks can be found, on samplers The Psychic Underground Vol. 5, and The Active Listener Record Store Day 2013 and  they have received airplay on podcasts such as Anton Newcombes Dead TV, Sideways Through Sound out of Sydney, Australia, KZME in Portland, and When the Sun Hits on Strangeways Radio. Daydream Machine started with momentum and does not plan on letting up any time soon.

Some of the bands Daydream Machine has performed with include Kula Shaker, Jaguar Ma, Hinds, Elephant Stone, The Besnard Lakes, Dead Meadow, The Allah La's, The Black Ryder, Rain Parade, Asteroid #4,  David Kilgour  (the Clean), Tamryn, The Prids, Spindrift, Wax Idols, Cellar Doors, as well as played the Desert Stars Festival and The Black Angels Levitation Festival.


The Show Must Not Go On (TBR 3/21/17, Picture In My Ear Records)
Twin Idols (2014, Picture In My Ear Records)
EP 1 (2013, Evol Recordings)

"Alone" on Volumes (2016, Picture In My Ear Records)
"Get Up" on Issue One (2016, Is/Was Media)
"Poverty of Thought" on 12 (2014, Dead Bees Records)
"Queen of the Gas Station" & "Shoot You Right Down" on Volume 1 (2014, Picture In My Ear Records)
"Twin Idols (Piano Mix)" on #19 (2014, The Psychedelic Underground Generation)
"Dawn" on Happy Record Store Day! (2013, The Active Listener)
"Spacement" on #5 (2013, The Psychedelic Underground Generation)