Day I Dread

Day I Dread


Day I Dread plays a style of metal heavily influenced by death metal, but at the same time places melodic arrangements in some songs to add variety. We try to make every song stand on its own with variety from the others. Throw in an agressive high energy live show and Thats us.


Day I Dread is a five piece metal outfit from the western Kentucky area. Drawing influence from many genres of death metal, adding melodic passages, and chaos of bands such as Converge, and The Dillinger Escape Plan, Day I Dread has crafted a sound that will take listeners on a diverse journey. Providing a very energetic and somewhat unpredictable live show ensures this is not a band to miss.

Entering the studio in early 2006 Day I Dread has released their fourth EP entitled “The Realization In Waking Up” with mastering handled by Alan Douches (Hatebreed, Every Time I Die, The Dillinger Escape Plan) and new members Josh Evans on guitar and Josh Grimes on Drums they have surely released their best material to date.

Day I Dread has been fortunate to share the stage with the following bands:

All Shall Perish (Nuclear Blast)
Analog (Imagine It)
Bobaflex (TVT)
Burn In Silence (Prosthetic)
Byzantine (Prosthetic)
Destroy Destroy Destroy (Black Market Activities)
Ed Gein (Black Market Activities)
Embrace the End (Century Media)
Exodus (Nuclear Blast)
Extol (Century Media)
Full Blown Chaos (Stillborn/Abacus)
Greeley Estates (Record Collection)
Imperial (Pluto)
Intronaut (Goodfellow/Lifeforce)
Into Eternity (Century Media)
Maylene and the Sons of Disister (Ferret)
Misery Index (Relapse)
Napalm Death (Century Media)
Paria (Black Market Activities)
Psyopus (Metal Blade)
Remembering Never (Ferret)
Scars of Tomorrow (Victory)
See You Next Tuesday (Ferret)
The Classic Struggle (Ironclad)
The Knife Trade (Lovelost)
The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza (Corrosive)
The Warriors (Victory)
Through The Eyes of the Dead (Prosthetic)
Too Pure To Die (Sumerian)
Tubring (Invisible)
Yakuza (Prosthetic)
Young Buck/G-Unit South (Interscope/G-Unit) Yes this is real
War Of Ages (Facedown)

Day I Dread also plans to tour the U.S. heavily shortly after the new year begins to help spread the word about the new EP and gain even more to an ever growing fan base.

Torment Magazine Interview:


Review for the song "Just Like Lambs":

"The first five seconds of the song makes you think someone screwed up on their genre choice but, once the vox come into play you know this song is as HEAVY as they come! The Drums for this song are insane! This drummer knows how to throw fuel on the fire? The Guitar(s) are even better pumping out some impressive sounds! This Guitarist knows his way around the fret board! He plays every note like it's the final note of his life! The Vox are GOD-LIKE! Making Growls and Screams that would scare the devil away! This song has great production which is good because I hate to see songs get sucky scores over something they can't really control! The Originality is there too and I bet within the next few months will see alot of carbon copies of this band's sound! After listening to this song for the fifth time I just can't get enough of the opening riff! I'll be listening to this song for a long time to come!!!!"
Reviewed by: Spazman668 from Piney Flats, Tennessee

Review for the song "Die For It"

"I like the way this song starts off. The drums sound great on the recording . The guitars sound really good also. I like what was done at 45 seconds into it with that break down and all. The vocals are real heavy, not your everyday screamer, not to much death and not to much scream. This song all in all rocks. From the way the sequence of timeing changes to the way it sounds this song is a keeper. Im at a loss for words you guys made me speech less Great Work."
Reviewed by: Exit53 from West Brentwood, New York


Just Like Lambs

Written By: Andy Knight

I remember that night falling/ I died a thousand times/ / Cheering for that emotional slaughter/ I remember that night falling/ Tied to the railroad track/ The conductor’s mind on separating me/ All the lambs are leaving the party/ And I’m still screaming fuck you/ Hop on the assembly line/ There’s another fucking conversion/ Crossing all young eyes/ I didn’t know this could ever hurt/ Blacken skies we’ll surely burn for this

Die For It

Written By: Andy Knight

Die For It/ your dreams of neautrality/ are more dead than you are to this world/ hypocrite/ spectator/ as the sun sets on a new day/ theres enough blood here to paint the skies/ escalating to the meat grinder/ this is the end/ tonight is the final showdown/ you'll see the end/ just like the romans/ die for it/ theres still blood in my eyes

Current Events and Everyone's Solutions

Written By: Andy Knight

watch your step/ you might trail blood/ fuck it/ pretend its not already on your hands/ lets all pretend we never saw it/ lets pretend these aren’t bodies were stepping over/ with every swing of the blade/every time they pull the trigger/ you pull it too/ calling yourself a fucking saint/ because you see the corpses eyes behind a TV/ at least your not on the battlefield/ at least your not pulling the trigger/ at least your not piling the bodies/ at least your not doing anything at all to neutralize this tragedy/ lets pray the chariot comes for us/ lets pray the chariot comes for us all/ hypocrites


"Until We Never Meet Again" released under the name "Suicide Recital" 2004
1) Haunted House
2) Let Them Fall As They Will
3) Jibberish
4) I Gave You The World
V: Andy Knight G: Rick Scott G: Anthony Scarborough G: Thomas Smotherman B: James Hust D: Pete McCoil

"Your Skies Will Burn" 2004
1) 5 Years Past Your Bedtime
2) Jibberish
3) Mary Margaret
4) Brother Jim
V: Andy Knight G: Rick Scott B: Rick Scott D: Pete McCoil

"Your Skies Will Burn (Re-release)" 2005
1) Die For It
2) Through Glass Eyes
3) Mary Margaret
4) Brother Jim
V: Andy Knight G: Rick Scott G: Anthony Scarborough B: Rick Scott D: Pete McCoil

"The Town That Ate It's Youth Vol.1" Compilation 2006
1) This Can't Be True

"The Realization In Waking Up" 2006
1) Current Events And Everyones Solutions
2) Die For It
3) Raise Your Glass
4) Just Like Lambs
5) The White Line Where Your Body Lies
V: Andy Knight G: Rick Scott G: Josh Evans B: TK D: Josh Grimes

We have streaming audio at:

We have recieved airplay on WKMS 91.3 (Murray, KY) and 102.9 "The Buzz" (Nashville, TN)

Set List

Our set lasts approximatley 30 minutes. We usually play shows with several bands on the bill, so we are used to playing shorter sets.

1) "Intro"
2) "Current Events And Everyones Solutions"
3) "Die For It"
4) "Raise Your Glass"
5) "Just Like Lambs"
6) "The White Line Where Your Body Lies"
7) "Eyes of Orion"