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Day in Age

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The music is both progressive and experimental. Many fans have complimented us on our original sound, having a mix of emotionally contrasting musical ideas. We are high energy on stage and recently beat 72 bands in a BOTB contest, so we don't suck. We're working hard at creating tomorrow's sound.


HISTORY OF DAY IN AGE Day in Age was formed in July of 2004 in Clarkston, Michigan, with original and current band members, Bryan Pope, Ryan Wallace, Ian Sigmon and Ryan Sigmon. After compiling a few songs, they began playing shows in the Clarkston area. The following year, (’05) the songs “Runaway”, “My Someplace”, and "Open Their Eyes” were recorded and performed at dozens of shows, effectively expanding their fan base. During this time, the songs were placed online, causing a self-indulgent “promoter” (M.A.M.A. Productions) to contact them for performances in main venues. He left the contract unfulfilled and their funds non-refunded, but Day in Age defiantly pushed on in self-promotion, booking, and management. During this time, they began to take their unique sound to a more progressive and experimental level. They performed shows, created and produced their own merchandise, enlarging their adored and much-appreciated audiences. The fans demand for CD’s caused the band to trek to Ohio to record their material at inkwell studios. Two months later, Day in Age released their first EP (demo CD) entitled, "Everywhere They Go It Rains," in March of 2006. They entered various competitions, and many “Battle of the Bands,” playing at local Metro Detroit main stages such as “The Magic Stick”, “Alvin’s”, “Clutch Cargos”, “Emerald Theater”, and the “Shelter”. This brings the band full circle; currently writing songs for an upcoming full length album. Day in Age has recently placed 1st in “The Next Big Thing” at Clutch Cargos (Pontiac, MI) competing with 72 other bands, inspiring the band to set the bar at an even higher level. The latest addition to the band portfolio is a live documentary, pursuing the struggles and antics of each of the individual members of the band at both practices and performances. The short web films are also filmed and produced by the band (with exception to live performances) can be viewed at their myspace page.
We are currently writing songs for an upcoming full length album. Check out our new live documentary we are making to see whats really going on with us. Be sure to come back every few weeks because we will be making more episodes.


Paternal Silence

Written By: Day in Age

try to comprehend
the reason behind
this paternal silence

it started off as any other time
you'd left before and i didn't mind
for months and months you'd be gone
i never thought i would take this long
i wondered when you'd be coming back
and finally i did learn
that you were never gonna return
just put salt into these eternal burns

the calls ended i'll never know
why you left the story's untold

the untold story and i cried myself to sleep
my words are my only exit
to tell everyone where i have been

why won't anyone just talk
this silence is killing me
to let it all come out
and to answer all these unspoken questions
were we not good enough to keep you
not good enough for you to stay
i'll never know how true
this family in ashes does lay

the eggshells that we've been walking on
have finally been broken

Seven Back

Written By: Day in Age

this circle that i trace
keeps bringing me back
to a place i've been before
and grown to know all too well
these things inside
can build a bridge
and make a storm subside
and let the sunshine through
and make me whole again

why can't i just push rewind
and start all over again
cause with every step we take
we're always taking seven back

as the pendulum swings
i find myself
growing colder older now
why do i climb out of this hole
that keeps on holding me back
just to dig myself another grave

truth has arrived
don't think i can survive
when looked at under this microscope
so stare into this open window
there's no telling what you'll find
in this transparency
of body soul and mind

The Burning

Written By: Day in Age

i look around and see
seems like everyone's in misery
the hate and the anger
when was this love lost
we say we take it day by day
losing our minds along the way
where are things i used to know
the burning inside of what we sowed

so when will we wake up and see for ourselves
that we are responsible for creating this hell
and when will we learn to let go of this anguish
to let the rain fall and put out these fires

hands have been grasped but slipped away
quiet they fall and still they lay
the light is coming
for one day we will see
there's a better life for humanity

just pause for a moment
to view the masses
to look inside
and avoid these collapses
when the pressure builds
will you fall
do you have the strength
to save us all


Runaway EP-2004
Everywhere They Go It Rains EP-2006

Played on largest Alternative Rock station in MI: 89X
Currently being played on Oakland University's Campus Radio: WXOU

Set List

----Set lists always change to including instrumental jams and different songs. Ours sets always flow from one song to the next with no breaks.

Sets tend to be usually around 30 to 45 minutes